Digital Twin/AI Modeling

What is Digital Twin?

A Digital Twin is the Digital representation of a physical object or system. The digital twin technology includes building larger items like buildings, factories, and cities as well. Whereas, the technology has expanded further in producing digital twins. Basically, digital twin is the digital replication of a living or non-living physical entity. It can replicate many things digitally like processes, people, place, system, and devices which can be used for various purposes. Digital Twins fuses Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Software Analytics with Spatial Network Graphs.

Digital Twin/AI Modeling

In other words, a Digital Twin is a computer program which takes real-world data about a physical object or system as an Input and produces Output about how the physical object or system will get affected by that Input. The digital twins generate real-time data and help a business to analyze and predict the problems in advance as well as give early warnings which helps to prevent the business as well as to develop a new plan to change the future of business. It will always help to deliver a better customer experience about the business.

Now the Digital Twin Industry Revolution is at its fourth phase which adopted the automation, data exchange, and manufacturing of technology is changing the business world. The Industrial revolution in Digital Twin is bringing out unlimited possibilities. The evolution in Digital Twin can increase self-awareness in the machines. The increase in reach of the Internet of Thing is making digital twin more cost-effective and easily accessible for the business world. The digital twins have the capacity to continuously learn and update itself from various sources to represent their real-time status.

Digital Twin/AI Modeling

Applications of Digital Twins:

1. Manufacturing: In Manufacturing Industry Digital Twin could result out to cover the furthest most along with factories. It will change the current phase of the manufacturing sector. Digital Twins will change the way of production and designing of products as well as its maintenance. It will reduce the time and make the manufacturing more efficient.

2. Automobile: The Digital Twin will work efficiently with automotive cars and fitted with telemetry sensors. As well as, it is required to refine the technology as it becomes important before the autonomous vehicle enters on the road. It will absorb the behavioral and operational data of the vehicle and makes the overall analysis and performance of vehicle easy. It will also help in producing a personalized or customizable service to the customers.

3. Retail: It is very important to provide a good customer experience in the retail industry. Implementation of Digital Twin in the retail sector will help to provide a virtual twin for the customer as well as beneficial in the modeling industry. It will also help in the planning and security implementation of the store areas, as well as efficient management of energy.

4. Healthcare: Digital Twin and Internet of Thing can manage the Healthcare sector efficiently by saving the expenses over monitoring of patients, preventative maintenance, and provide personalized assistance.

5. Smart Cities: Planning of Smart Cities with the Digital Twins and Internet of Thing data will help in improving the economic development, management of resources efficiently, reduction of ecological footprint and increases the quality of city life. The Digital Twin model eases the planning of city and policymaking in the planning of a smart city.

Digital Twin/AI Modeling

Benefits of Digital Twin:

1. Increases Reliability and Availability.

2. It reduces Risk.

3. It has a low maintenance cost.

4. It improves the production rate.

5. It gives a faster time to value.

6. Provides real-time data what is happening with physical assets.

7. It reduces product defects and a short time to market.

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