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Life as an Intern

Put your knowledge to work. Doesn't matter your field of study or level of degree, MindStick has internship possibilities befitted to your talents that can serve you to leap straight into your profession after graduation day.

If you are a Graduate or Undergraduate and looking to experience a real work environment, many of our regions offer an Internship Program that allows you to see for yourself. As an intern, you will get an opportunity to work with our excellent team and grab a good learning experience. You will get a chance to work over live projects and face challenges in a lively environment and gain real-world experience. The internship program with MindStick would be for a time of up to 6 months.

Through this Internship period, you will gain invaluable experience in what it is like to work at MindStick. The work done by you is deliberately vital for the organization and will be as a result even after you take off. It is of no surprise that an Internship with MindStick will help to bridge the gap between being a successful student and an invaluable member of the MindStick team.

Internship Opportunities

MindStick provides an Internship Program for all those who are interested in learning work before stepping into the Professionals Shoes. The Internship Program is for all Grads and Under-grads in the field of Development or Programming, Analyst and Digital Marketing for 1-6 months.

Why MindStick?

Working with MindStick an Intern can expect to be involved with challenging projects and can grab this opportunity to learn new skills and technologies. A motivating team and a good work environment will help an Intern to excel in his or her tasks. We provide you an opportunity to be a part of the progressive environment and learn to work as a team player.

Our sole aim is to provide an excellent learning environment for the Interns and had a very co-operative and helpful staff to guide Interns in a proper manner and lead them to produce good and top-class results.

A well-organized way of task allotment to enhance the skills of an Intern is done by our team in a very effective manner. A magnificent workplace encompassed by the supportive, benevolent, and mentally empowering organization where you can figure out how to function with others in a dynamic, multi-social, and multi-lingual group.


Software Development

An intern will get an opportunity to work on a real project with an experienced team and learn new technologies in a friendly environment.

Content Writing

An intern will get to explore and narrate his or her experiences attractively and creatively as well as represent your technical knowledge at our different portals.

Search Engine Optimization

An Intern will get a chance to learn various methods and techniques involved in Search Engine Optimization like Website Traffic Management, Branding, and Promotion, etc.







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