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Magento Spin and win module: Engage your audience

Spin and Win is an interactive gamified module, through which online store admin can add Spin and Win interface on their website and engage their audience in an easiest way. By simply incorporating the option of Magento Spin-win wheel....

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Magento eCommerce Mobile App Builder - Create your own mobile app to boost your business reach

Knowband's eCommerce mobile app creator converts your eCommerce website into mobile platform without any technical changes required by store owner. By providing the feature-rich and incredible mobile app, the eCommerce app builder for iOS and android offers a convenient way for the e-retailers to double their store revenue. These eCommerce mobile apps are fully compatible with both android as well as iOS platform. A huge section of our society is using smart phones and tablets, Magento eCommerce mobile app maker can help online retailers in targeting them easily....

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Prestashop One Page Checkout Module - Make checkout faster

The Prestashop One Page Checkout Module by Knowband enhances your checkout page and offers a faster checkout experience to your customers. Social login option offered in this one page checkout Prestashop addon makes it more convenient for the customers to complete the checkout within a blink of an eye. This one page checkout plugin is GDPR compliant....

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Login and Logout in PHP

Sometimes beginners get confused how to login and logout. So I thought it would be helpful if I share some basic steps how to create login and logout with session. Followings are the topics which we will learn in this part of section:...

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Final class and method in PHP

In our previous section, of inheritance we have seen how derived class (or child class) inherits the function or methods of base class (or parent class). There can be a situation where you want to prevent a class from being inherited....

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Type Hinting in PHP

Type Hinting is a technique that hints the function to accept only given data types. In PHP we can use type hinting for array, object and callable data type....

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Object Cloning in PHP

Objects are inconstant, that means object has capability to change the state of information. In object oriented PHP programming, there can be a situation where you require copies of object....

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Method Chaining in PHP

Method chaining is a technique in which methods are put together one after the other. For example you have a class employee and have three methods like this:...

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Abstract classes and Interface in PHP

Abstract classes are those classes which cannot be instantiated and require subclasses to provide implementation for the abstract methods or in other words you cannot create object of abstract classes...

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Static Method and variable

Static method in PHP is very useful features. Static function and variable breaks a lot of power available to 0bject oriented programming. These metho...

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How to create database in MySQL using PHP?

The CREATE DATABASE statement is used to create database. (Note: Before creating database you must first connect with database server).Here is an example to create database using PHP:...

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Exception Handling in PHP

Exceptions are important to control over error handling Exception handlings are used to change the execution of a code if a specified error occurs.Her...

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