Microsoft will discontinue Windows 10 download sales on January 31st

Microsoft will stop selling Windows 10 downloads at the end of this month. It comes more than two years before official support for Windows 10 ends in October 2

Portland and Northern Virginia are now leading the market for data centres

Northern Virginia is no longer the world's most desirable place for a data centre. For the first time this year, it is tied with Portland for the top spot.

The 5G network might be utilised for illicit drug and money transfers

Some Indian Police Service personnel presented papers during the recently finished DGP/IGP conference, attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Night Sky is Darkening Due to Light Pollution

Tens of thousands of measurements obtained by amateur astronomers over the past decade reveal an annual increase in sky brightness of almost 10%.

The EV made by Sony and Honda does things that the Apple Car never did

Sony and Honda's new electric car, Afeela, is aiming for 10-year leases and a lot of subscription features that will change the way people own cars.

Web3, CoinDCX, Binance Crypto Awareness Program

CoinDCX educated Indian entrepreneurs and investors about bitcoin on January 23. Web3. The BCSP trains and honours 30,000 Indian blockchain applicants.

Alternative Heart Failure Treatments: Pros and Cons

In a new scientific statement, the American Heart Association lays out research on complementary and alternative treatments for heart failure.

Canada will launch the first photonic-based

Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, has announced a new federal investment to create and market the first fault-tolerant quantum computer based on pho