Multi-Access Edge Computing- A Perfect IoT Technique

Internet of things (IoT) is the vast world of things that are completely related to internet business. In this fast pace world, IoT has revolutionized the way of thinking towards business. Moving our talk towards MEC (multi-access edge computing) which is becoming an emerging and growing trend in IoT.

MEC plays a key role as an enabler for the things related to IoT because it is known to be a more valuable or recognized concept and technology in architecture. That’s why it is an important element for the network of a future generation.

ETSI is a technological trend in MEC that describes MEC in more general. Basically, ETSI is an IT service provider that is advance with cloud computing abilities in the mobile network along RAN (Radio Access Network). Below we will discuss this IoT trend MEC in more detail that completely verifies its concept and influence in IoT business.

Standardization Of MEC In Globe

To standardize MEC in global organizations, ETSI has established ISG (Industry Specification Group) that provides an open or efficient environment to third-party applications across different multi-access platforms. The purpose of these specifications is to revolutionize its use in the globe along with providing the framework to architecture references to ensure the efficient run of mobile edge applications in mobile networks.

POC (Proof of Concept) is another specification that is created in MEC to promote multi access POF’s projects. Now to more accurately demonstrate the concepts and value of MEC, the purpose of POC is essential. In September 2016, ETSI has announced six major and different MEC POCs to contribute and strengthen the planning and decision-making to various organizations. 

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MEC Application In Business Market

MEC can enable a large number of different kinds of applications along with services due to its multi-purpose characteristics such as high bandwidth, proximity, low latency and much more. MEC is considered to be a more promising solution to extract definite data from video streams. This type f data processing can be done local MEC server in spite of centralized server. Now a new and emerging architecture technology in MEC has been developed to collect and classify the data streams of IoT.

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MEC’s Systematic Architecture

MEC’s architecture authorized the implementation of its applications that run on MEC host. Today, MEC application is running on top of the infrastructure along with mobile edge platform to support the application. Later this technology is spreading widely due to its versatile responsibility for allocating, releasing and managing of related infrastructure.

MEC basically capable of handling various distribution scenarios that include
  • Cellular macro base station
  • RNC
  • Multi-radio access technology
  • Technologies Of MEC
Technologies that play a key role in maintaining and developing MEC includes:
  • Computation offloading
  • Mobility management
  • Computation Offloading

It is simply a procedure that drifts the intensive computations from the device of mobile to source rich infrastructure. With the help of UE (User Equipment), MEC enables the running of program applications to the server. An important part of the computation is the decision whether to offloading or not. Two necessary things must be remembered in this regards:

  • Whether this application contains off-loadable parts or not.
  • No way is present to estimate the processed amount f data.
  • Mutual dependency is present between individual processed parts.
  • Mobility Management

MEC functionality along with developing of the base station provides excellent benefits regarding real proximity and low latency access. This thing creates more challenges in this regard and one of bigger is the mobility management. This is the reason that mobility management (MM) is the critical task to perform and requires proper attention because it can reflect whole MEC infrastructure.

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