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You go to the Developer section in MindStick and search your keywords in the search box. You can also search your content individually by selecting Articles, Blogs, News, Forums, and interviews.

MindStick keeps you aligned with the latest technology trending in the world in the best possible ways it has and also makes you imagine the concept of the artificial intelligence world. MindStick provides the latest technological news daily to its viewers for their updation.

MindStick gives highly professional blogs in different categories which makes the portal helpful for those who want to read good blogs to enhance their knowledge and get to know the activities of their surroundings.

Its content in the form of Articles, Blogs, and News changes their personal behavior and their mentality. It brings a positive change in society which also contribute to the betterment of the world.

Yes, MindStick and its subdomains (MindStick Q&A, MindStick YourViews) are easily accessible on Mobile devices.

Developer Section is a knowledge-sharing community and a platform for programming and technology enthusiasts to share their thoughts, ideas, and knowledge with each other. MSDS focuses on growing the technical passion and capacity of your local community through access to a wealth of quality technical expertise.

It consists of:

  • Article
  • Blog
  • Forum
  • Interview
  • News
  • Beginner
  • Share
  • and Quiz.

MindStick is a web development company established in 2010 and it is also a Gold Partner member with Microsoft Company. MindStick ensures the supplement of tech solutions in terms of Software development, Application Development, Artificial Intelligence skilled technology, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Guest Posting, and many more.

The domain name MindStick also has some other exclusive subdomains like and where it unpacked some great solutions to other requirements like Generating Online Presence, Enhancing Brand Value, Helping in business, Stabilizing the market, and Creating an elite community.

MindStick Company has a b bond with its clients as it has always ensured the submission of niche Software Projects within the deadline. Some of the best projects of MindStick are Data converter, MindStick Cleaner, TUC the Unit Converter, MindStick Import Export, Survey Manager, and a lot more.

MindStick unleashes your imagination and gives you great capabilities to enhance your knowledge and live at the core of the technology. You can directly connect with us

MindStick is designed to provide the best solutions for software and it has been doing it since 2010. During this period it generated several software projects including small and big as per the client’s requirements.

For us, the word ‘Expertise’ meant years of working in any specific field and MindStick has more than 12 years of experience in software development. Our highly experienced developers ensure the development’s quality.

MindStick also has more than 5 years of experience in the business world where it has given its best solutions to businessmen who were dealing to increase their business growth.

In layman’s language, MindStick has great experience in giving the best solutions to all over the world and that’s what makes MindStick a tech solution expert.

As we know MindStick is a high-quality software manufacturer (company). Here is a list ofsome services offered by MindStick-


MindStick is the hub for coders where they can explore the unlimited space of many languages and their Questions and Answers. Interested users can enhance their knowledge by doing questions and answering inMindStick Forum Section.

You can get the answers to all your problems related to your queries in coding form and you can also answer the questions as per your own capability.

MindStick Forum is a community where thoughts can be exchanged from one mind to another. This space is accessible from all over the world hence there is always someone who can give the answers to your questions.

MindStick categories your coding-based questions into two types, one is MindStick Forum where you will find some logical and standard questions and the second is theMindStick Interviewportal where you will get help related to the questions generally asked in the job interview in your preferred language.

Help with Sign Up

Follow these simple steps-

  • Go
  • Click theSign-Upbutton.
  • A Sign up page will appear, and you will be guided through our sign-up experience. You will be asked to enter information such as your name, phone number, and email address.
  • Fill all the mandatory information needed e.g. Category, Name, Firm Registered ID (Company), Country Code, Mobile Number, Email Address, Password, and Confirm Password, agree with terms and conditions, and Captcha. Now click onsign up.
  • We will send an email including a link and activation key for email verification to your registered email id that you entered while signing up.
  • Verify your email id with the given link and activation key and now you are ready to customize your account profile.

After Sign up, the next step is to complete your account by following the steps given below:

  • Go to the setting menu in your account profile to fill your mandatory information e.g. Basic info, Contact Info, Education, Experience, and Profile Image.
  • If you choose Student Category then fill your mandatory information e.g. Basic info, Contact Info, Education, and profile image.
  • If you choose Employee Category then fill your mandatory information e.g. Basic info, Contact Info, Education, experience, and profile image.
  • If you choose Company Category then fill your mandatory information e.g. Basic info, Contact Info, and profile image.
  • If you choose another Individual/Self Employee then fill your mandatory information e.g. Basic info, Contact Info, Education, experience, and profile image.

Your profile is completed and now you can avail all the features of the MindStick Website.

  • Go
  • Click theSign-Up buttonand then click onContinue with Google.
  • You will be logged in but still, you have to fill all the mandatory data required in the account profile to get the best use of MindStick.

  • Go
  • Click the three lines appearing on the right side of your screen.
  • Click on theSign Up buttonat the bottom after dropping down
  • Fill all the mandatory information needed e.g. Category, Name, Firm Registered ID (Company), Country Code, Mobile Number, Email Address, Password, and Confirm Password, agree with terms and conditions, and Captcha. Now click onsign up.

  • Log in with your registered email id and password
  • You will land on a page where you can enter your registered email id to get a verification email from MindStick.
  • After clicking on the send button you will get a verification email.
  • Click on the activation link and fill the activation key given in the email and click on the activate button.
  • Your email has been verified successfully.

You can directly contact us atcontact@mindstick.comandContact Us.

Help with log in

You can directly contactcontact@mindstick.comafter which you will get a response and the next procedures.

Follow these steps-

  • Visit theMindStick loginpage and enter your credentials (Registered email id and password).
  • CheckI’m not a robot.
  • Click on theLoginbutton.

  • Go to the profile image that appeared on the right side of the header at MindStick.
  • Click on your profile image
  • Click on theLogoutbutton given at last

  • Go
  • Click the three lines appearing on the right side of your screen.
  • Click on the login button and enter your credentials (Registered email id and password).
  • Clear Captcha and click on the login button

If you have made multiple failed login request then your account will be automatically locked up and you will not be able to log in for the next 30 minutes in MindStick Portal. Once the 30 minutes is over you are free to log in again with the correct user id and password.

If your account has been blocked then you have to send a request through email tocontact@mindstick.comto reactivate your account.

  • First make sure you signed up successfully. Then Check the email box for the email verification that we sent in your registered email id when you successfully signed up for a new account.
  • If you realized you did not create an account, you cansign up for a new accountagain.
  • If you have created an account but are not able to log in then check your password and email you have entered are correct or not.

  • Go to the login page and click onforgot password.
  • Enter your registered email id and click on Confirm Email to get a recovery link
  • Click on the link we have sent in your registered email id and you will be directed to the page where you can regenerate your password.
  • Try to log in with a new password and registered email id.

There may be the following cases:

  • If you have not re-verified your email that usually appears after 90 days from registration.
    Click here to re-verify your email
  • If you are seeing the pricing page while posting at MindStick
  • If you have deactivated yourself from your account at MindStick
  • If you have been blocked by the admin
User’s Profile Help

No! You cannot use the same registered email id to create a new account in MindStick.

Find the user whom you want to follow and click on the following button that appeared in the user’s details.

MindStick will send you an E-mail“Your Account has been Temporarily Suspended”with the reason mentioned in it.

Go to MindStick-> Login->redirected to reactivate page-> click theactivatebutton.

First, check that you are logged in on the MindStick portal. If yes, follow these steps-

  • Open your profile by clicking on the Profile button
  • Click the Activity button that appears in your profile
  • Click on the Followers/following button to see the list

You can increase the attraction of viewers in your profile by filling the extra details e.g. Skills, Language, Banner Image, and Social contacts.

You have to follow that user whose activity you wanted to see.

  • Go
  • Click the three lines appearing on the right side of your screen.
  • Click on the profile image present at the bottom after dropping down
  • Click on My Profile in the new drop-down to view profile details

Go to -> Profile -> Click the share arrow given in the right side -> select the social media portal.

  • Click on My Profile and go to the setting button
  • You can see the specific buttons for all the information filled while completing your profile
  • Click on the specific button you wanted to update e.g. Basic info, Contact info, Profile Photo, etc.
  • After updating your info click on the submit button.

Follow the steps for deactivation

Go to MindStick-> Login-> My Profile-> Settings-> Click the deactivate button-> enter your credentials-> final click on deactivate button.

Your account is blocked by the admin? Here are some of the reasons listed below-

  • Posted Vulgar content in MindStick Articles, Blogs, News, forums, Interviews, Comments, Replies, and Shares.
  • Violated the terms and conditions of MindStick Community
  • Attempted to breach the peace of the community
  • Performed any activity which is not allowed by the government regulations

After successfully login-

You can find your profile on the right side of the header at MindStick. You can further click on My Profile to see the detailed view of your profile.

Check the following steps-

  • Make sure you are on because to upload your profile you must be on the official website.
  • Check your image type, MindStick generally accept JPEG, PNG, and JPG formats. (Profile photos with nudity characters will be removed).
  • Dimension, MindStick recommended dimensions for profile images are 400 X 400 pixels.
  • Check you are on the updated version of the browser if not, try to update your browser or upload with another browser.
  • After checking these steps make sure you hit the Save button to successfully upload your profile photo.

Your email id, DoB, Mobile Number will be private and none can see it except you when you will be login in the portal.

Your Profile will be visible to all people from all over the world when they will search for you individually from the search Engine.

The authorized users of MindStick can also see your profile.

Help to Paid Users

The options available on the profile section are:

  • Basic Info
  • Contact Info
  • Language
  • Skills
  • Profile Photo
  • Profile Banner
  • Social Contact
  • Award
  • FAQ
  • Portfolio
  • Users
  • Gallery
  • Change Password
  • Visibility

Benefits after Upgrading your Account-

  • You can add as much as 10 images to your Gallery section.
  • You can add 5 social contact to your premium profile.
  • You can add your achievements to showcase your talent on your profile.
  • You can add Awards on your profile to throw some attractive impact as a company/user.
  • You can add Portfolios of your work which will show that you had done some of the successful work in your past.
  • You can add Users as much as 10 users to your profile (company) as an associate user.
  • You can add FAQ approx. 10 FAQ in your companies profile so that user visiting your profile can get answered easily.

The"Awards Section"at the profile page

  • The“Upgrade the Account”option in your profile is there to upgrade your account.
  • As you click this, you will be charged nominal bucks which will make your account premium and you will be able to access its Premium options easily.
  • A dashboard will be provided to you.
  • Now in the case of the"Award"section, you can easily add the awards you had achieved in your past as your achievement.
  • Add Awards and press save to add them to the award section.

FAQ is usually known as“Frequently Asked Questions”which are been asked by customers when they face any difficulty or if they have any doubt.

For more Info:What are the benefits after FAQ premium?

The"Portfolio"section, you can add your collection of achieved work, documentation, and projects that you hold as an example of your achieved formatted work.

MindStick offers “Upgradation your profile” features to their users as well the companies by which you would receive several benefits after making your account premium which will let you add

  • Gallery
  • Achievement
  • User
  • Portfolio
  • Award
  • Social Contact
  • FAQ, etc.

These are some beneficial points -

  • The “Upgrade the Account” option in your profile will appear.
  • As you click this, you will be changed nominal bucks which will make your account premium and you will be able to access its Premium options easily.
  • A dashboard will be provided to you.
  • Now in the case of the “Social Contact Premium” you can add your social networking handles like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to your MindStick profile so that viewers can visit your Social media with a single click which will also enhance your reachability in users.
  • As you add your valid Social Media Links click on the "Save" button to save your changes.

The"User"section, only a company can add its user to their official account, as a"Associate User”.

TheVisibilitysection helps to protect their user privacy, you can manage your visibility on your profile by your own, and the user will be responsible himself for any privacy issue.

Help in Posting

Open your post and make sure your validity to update your post has not expired that is 3 days generally from your posting date and if you can see the edit button then-

Click onEditbutton and make the changes you want.

Only Articles and blogs have the feature to welcome your comment hence here are the way to add a comment-

Make sure you have an account on MindStick and are logged in on the portal. If you have then follow these steps-

Go> open a specific post (Article, Blogs) -> find theLeave Commentheading at the end of the content -> Fill yourSubjectandMessageand click on thePostbutton.

After SuccessfullyLoginfollow these steps-

Go to -> Developer Section -> Click onAsk Question-> fill all the mandatory fields with meaningful data -> click onPost.

After SuccessfullyLoginfollow these steps-

Go to -> Developer Section -> Click onContribute(A blog) -> fill all the mandatory fields with meaningful data -> click onPost.

After SuccessfullyLoginfollow these steps-

Go to -> Developer Section -> Click onContribute(Article) -> fill all the mandatory fields with meaningful data -> click onPost.

After SuccessfullyLoginfollow these steps-

Go to -> Developer Section -> Click onContribute(An Interview) -> fill all the mandatory fields with meaningful data -> click onPost.

After SuccessfullyLoginfollow these steps-

Go to -> Developer Section -> Click onContribute(News) -> fill all the mandatory fields with meaningful data -> click onPost.

After SuccessfullyLoginfollow these steps-

Go to ->Developer Section-> click onSharebutton -> click onShare a Postand -> Fill message or add a link -> click onpostbutton.

You can directly submit your request for a project by clicking on theRequest a Projectbutton present in footer and fill all the mandatory data and clicking on Submit Button.

You can directly submit your feedback by clicking onFeedback Formand fill all the mandatory data and clicking onSend Message.

You are missing some great opportunities that MindStick provide to its users. Let’s connect with MindStick community. Here is your answer-

Yes! You can post an article without being a user of MindStick by just sending your article

Yes! MindStick has its authorized Copy Right Policy and also restrict others to use the content of its user’s posts.

"Quiz section consists of numerous sets of technical Objective type test designs for practicing and self-evaluation. A user would attempt a test and submit the answers in the portal. As soon as he finishes the test or runs out of test time. Result be displayed immediately along with the correct options."

The beginner section is also designed for fresher’s and novice users. It contains fundamental and conceptual posts which would be beneficial for new programmers to get the sink in the technological terms and concepts easily, Beginner section is also a kind of Article section generally used by novice users.

"Here users can submit the interview questions which may be asked during technical interview sessions. It would help other users who are planning or scheduling an interview session."

"Usually we use the term “Article” and “Blog” synonymously. Generally, articles offer more information and greater depth than blog posts. Articles provide thoroughly researched and detailed information. As such, those making this distinction may expect them to be longer. They may provide informed, well-developed opinions on subjects relevant to the website on which they will be published. They also might take a more formal or professional tone On the contrary, a blog post may be less formal than an article. While the tone of a blog can address the sensitive or serious nature of a topic, those distinguishing between a blog and an article may write the blog post in a more conversational manner. Length may differ — some blog posts are a few hundred words, though others can be much longer. Blog posts also may be more readily shareable, given their shorter length and informal tone."

It will be deleted if you have posted vulgar content and nude images that violate the terms and conditions of the MindStick portal.

Content that will have the provoking nature and that incites peace in the society and government policies.

Very Soon!

When you post your content then it will be submitted to the admin panel and waiting for his approval. Once they get approval they will be visible to all.

Your post will be live and others can see it once it will get the approval from admin

You can find your all posting in your profile inActivity.

MindStick allows you to post images that will have the following extensions.jpeg, .jpg, and .png.

It is an open community, any person who is interested and passionate about learning new stuff in programming, coding, and knowledgeable contents could participate in the community to enhance their technical skills and always get updated with the latest and advanced trends in Technical world.

"All questions are categorized and tagged with their subject areas since a question might be related to several subjects. Click any tag to see a list of questions with that tag, or go to the tag list to browse for topics that interest you."

As a user you can avail only certain post service and after the completion of those posting service you have to pay a nominal charge to continue your postings in MindStick Website and that page of pricing is called a Pricing Page.

Help in MindStick Job

Jobs in MindStick cannot be applied if you do not have resume hence make sure you have your resume.

After SuccessfullyLoginfollow these steps-

Go to -> Developer Section -> Click onContribute(A Job) -> fill all the mandatory fields with meaningful data -> click onPost.

You canapply for jobswhen you are a Student, Employee, and Other section.

Follow these steps to apply for jobs- Go to -> Career Section -> click onapply job ->find below theAvailable Jobs-> click onApply Now-> Fill all the necessary fields ->Upload Resume-> clear captcha -> click onSubmit.

MindStick is a unique portal with millions of members including multinational companies that usually have the requirements of employees and they post their job requirements in MindStick.

MindStick provide the full security of your data (Resume) and do not allow others to see your data.

MindStick Company is a reliable space where it connects the peoples with their mutual needs. You can get updates about the newest job posted by the companies you followed. Our portal provides Free of cost service which makes MindStick extraordinary.

  1. Be a user of MindStick Community
  2. Have an uploaded resume
  3. Have a particular certificate or degree
  4. Filled all the necessary fields and apply successfully

Job sectionin MindStick is helping young graduates and people by offering platform where all the needy companies used to post their jobs with their categories.

MindStick connects the two mediums, one that posts jobs and the other who are looking for jobs. Here you can find your dream jobs with good packages and experience. MindStick has millions of members in its family which include the companies, students, employees, and self-employed.

You must be a user of MindStick Community toapply for jobs.

Go to -> click on the job button in the footer section -> select a job you want to apply -> Click onView Details-> click on apply button below. You have successfully applied for the job.

Different categories of jobs available at MindStick portal which include Software Development, Writers, Engineering, Marketing, Business, and More.

MindStick request to all companies to utilize our portal for advertising their jobs requirements and to give some of the best opportunities for students and job seekers.

MindStick also publish its jobs for seekers related to Software Development and Technology.

Help in Resume

Yes, MindStick prepares your resume with the help of the information you have filled in your profile setting. This resume will help you in the future for job apply in MindStick.

Make sure you are a user of MindStick and is logged in. Follow these steps to upload your resume.

Go to your profile -> setting -> resume -> choose your file -> click on save button.

Go to your profile -> setting -> resume -> click on update button.

MindStick gives a service of preparing your resume in your profile with following these steps- make sure you are a user of MindStick, You are logged in portal, if yes then follow these steps-

Go to your profile -> click on activity -> click on resume button -> click on print button -> Select your destination -> click on final save.

Go to your Profile -> activity -> resume -> click on download button to download resume.

Your resume will only be visible to the companies who is authorized by MindStick and to you.

Help in Sponsored Post

Yes, you can renew your post at any time after the expiration of the post. Whereas, you can also renew the post before 30 days of the expiration of that particular post. The ‘Renew link’ gets activated and you can renew the post during that time or after the expiration of the post as well. But to renew the post you need to Subscribe to the new Package and in case you are already having a package then the credit will be used from that package automatically if you want to retain the same post.

Yes, you can edit or modify your renewed post, but for that, you will get only the 3 days’ time after submitting or publishing the post for renewal.

Yes, you can. But Beware! Once the Sponsored Post gets deleted or removed then your Solution and Comment will also get removed. So, post wisely.

Yes, of course we don’t make such specific custom packages, although you can send your mail according to your requirements.

For more information

No, you are not allowed to delete or deactivate your Registration for the Sponsorship. However, you can make a request through Email to deactivate your account, in case, you exhausted your Credit Limit earlier than the Package Expiration Date.

Yes, you can easily manage your notification for Subscriptions to Sponsored Postings. In your Dashboard, you are getting the facility to choose those notifications for what you want and you don’t. You just need to select the checkboxes and submit them.

Yes, you can modify and delete your submitted sponsored article within a time period of 3 days. After, 3 days you are not allowed to edit or delete the post by your own. If still, the need arises to edit or delete the post, then you can submit your request through email

Yes, you can pay the final amount after choosing one or more packages at a time.

Yes, you can post a Question as a Sponsored Post.

Yes, you can renew the same post Multiple times, but each time the new credit will be used from your Subscribed Package.

Yes, you can post in your Native Language.

Yes, you can post a View as a Sponsored Post.

Yes, you can unsubscribe the promotional mail by clicking on the ‘Unsubscribe’ link provided in the footer of each mail and after that, you will not receive any mail regarding the Subscription.

The Sponsored Post will be shown at the top of the page but after a time the post will be replaced by another, so there is no need to prefer the top-most space of the page.

Yes, on the basis of ‘category’ the sponsored post will appear.

No, the remaining credit of any package cannot be transferred or carry-forward on the new Subscribed Package. If the Package expires and you failed to utilize all your credits then those credits will lapse.

Absolutely not- you are paying to write in-depth, honest posts. Your constructive criticism is not only appreciated, it is expected.

You can get your answers at MindStick FAQs link and other queries answer. If still, you are not getting all your doubts clear. Then you can mail us your query

You can simply check your credit limit status in your Dashboard, which you can understand easily in numeral or graphical form or both. As well as, MindStick will send you a reminder mail after you have exhausted your credit limit by more than 50%.

You can see all the details from your Profile by clicking on the Subscription and then going to the Dashboard. In your dashboard, you can see all the details regarding the available, used, and total credit limit in the form of graphs and numbers.

You have to publish your sponsored post in the designated portals or sections of the MindStick, as it is mentioned in that specific subscribed package of Sponsored Posts.

The Post will appear for a period of 1 year as a Sponsored Post on the MindStick Website.

In a single Sponsored Post, you are allowed to use a maximum of 2 Links, 5 Images.

The cost will be according to the package (and/or Add-on package) you choose + taxes (Payment Gateway).

For more information related to pricing, contact

Generally, some of the taxes are included in the charge of the Package you subscribed. But in certain services, GST can be asked. There is no hidden or extra charge which you are advised to pay.

No, you won’t get your credit back. If your post has been deleted by the Admin then you must have violated the Terms and Conditions of MindStick, and in this case, MindStick won’t allow you to violate the rules and get the credit back for that.

If you delete the post in 3 days (updating period) then the exhausted credit will not be returned back into your account.

The Pack Expiration Date will not change, whether you consumed all your credits in 2 days or the maximum days of the subscription package.

The Payment is done through PayPal only, so in these cases firstly, you need to contact the PayPal Payment Portal. After that, any issue or problem left then you can contact to MindStick atconact@mindstick.comto resolve the issue or any type of guidance related to it.

If the post is found inappropriate at any time, then the post will stop for public view for that time. Still, if the post is found inappropriate then the admin holds the full right to delete the post at any time and for that, the credit will not be refunded.

The submitted sponsored post will take about 24 hours or a maximum of 48 hours (i.e. 2 days) to get approved.

MindStick provides you various categories like :-

  • Article
  • Blog
  • Interview
  • Forum
  • MindStick Q&A
  • YourViews, and other sections as well.

The sponsored post is almost similar to the ordinary post, the only difference between the sponsored post and the normal post is that the sponsored post gets high priority, a sponsored post is on the top of the post list, where you are allowed to paste multiple source links which can redirect our readers to your website, by which you can show them your goods or services.

For more Information click on the following link :What will be the benefits of a sponsored post?

In General language, theC Panel (Control Panel)is known as Dashboard. In C Panel the Sponsored User can see all his/her activities performed earlier and at what time.

The article of Sponsored Post allows maximum 15,000 characters or 800 words.

It will depend on the posting category, suppose you had posted your post in the article section your Landing page will be the Article page.

To go to the Article page click here.

If you submit a Sponsored Post, please know that MindStick reserve the right for final editorial discretion and might not publish content unrelated to content and links or landing page.

Your Sponsored Post will be visible only at the specific portal of MindStick for which you subscribed the package i.e. MindStick, MindStick Q&A, and YourViews MindStick.

These are some of the beneficial points, why we need sponsored posting.

  • A sponsored post will flash on the top of the page.
  • A sponsored post will be highlighted with a different icon.
  • Sponsored posts are more reachable to the viewers in comparison to a normal post.
  • Sponsored posts will get the most views.
  • Sponsored posts will get the most likes or comments.
  • Sponsored posts are trustworthy and authentic.
  • A sponsored post is shared by the official MindStick on their social media platforms.
  • Sponsored posts are linked with the "Do follow" link.
  • Interlinking is done for promotional purposes.
  • Sponsored posts are well-formatted and organized for the ease of viewers.
Help in MindStick Services

Yes, MindStick allows subscribing more than one available package at a time.

Yes, you can Subscribe the same package multiple times at one go.

Yes, you can. But you have to provide your same address while filling in the details for the Subscription of the Sponsored Posts.

No, you need not Sign Up for yearly subscription, if you do not wish to. We offer a monthly subscription as well for the convenience of our members.

Yes, if your business needs surpass our current plans. We can create a Custom Plan for you. Please send anEmail / advertisement@mindstick.comfor more information.

Yes, MindStick provide abusiness listing servicewhich is the best efficient and foremost internet marketing tactics. Your business can easily identify any specific sections of clients that will save your time and money.

You can change your Billing Address from your account profile after clicking on the ‘Subscription’ then follow the steps and change your address in the Information Detail Page.

MindStick doesn’t have any provision of refund of money. But in case, you made the payment and due to some fault we couldn’t activate the package on time or any other genuine dispute arises. Then, we can get to the mutual result or maybe refund of the amount as mutually decided by the MindStick Authority and you. Like, a refund will be initiated after deducting the Taxes and the charges of used credits.

Firstly, you will get a Payment Confirmation Message form the Payment Gateway Portal i.e. PayPal. After that, you will get a Payment Confirmation Mail from MindStick, when the amount gets transferred into the MindStick Account by PayPal.

MindStick doesn’t have any provision of canceling the service after the payment is done and the package gets activated.

MindStick provides the bestservice of artificial intelligencewhich is the future of the internet world. Joining hands with MindStick Artificial Intelligence service will make you crazier.

MindStick is taking to the apex of the artificial intelligence with its service and the team which has more than 13+ years of experience in generating complex structure of AI.

Your Package will be activated instantly in working hours after we receive the successful transfer of an amount from transaction modes.

You can make payment through a Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI, or directly to your Bank Account, by using the safest mean of money transfer i.e. PayPal Payment Gateway.

MindStick gives you an elegantservice of Content Developmentin which it provide the SEO featured content that matches the necessities of customers. Our content writers are capable to make your content reliable and engaging.

Digital Marketing Serviceof MindStick helps you to make your best presence in online marketing which can directly affect your revenue.

MindStick Guest Posting serviceallow user to get the most use of the posting services of MindStick which includes the Articles, blogs, News, forums, YourViews, Stories, Audios, questions, and answers.

MindStick SEO servicehelp you to drive organic traffic to your web pages by following the most advanced SEO guidelines and search engine algorithms to exaggerate natural traffic.

Our service can help you to generate leads which can help you to increase your business revenue. MindStick SEO team is highly professional and has more than 13+ years of experience.

MindStick Company provides the best software solutions and connects you with the future of programming sciences with the best possible ways. MindStick develop software based on different programming languages and concepts.

MindStick is capable to design niche projects that can be conveniently used by clients with the compact weight.

MindStick design mobile-sensitive, SEO-friendly websites fulfilling your specific needs. MindStick comply with its client’s project with its highly experienced developers team which work hard to design the best websites.

The Software Development process includes many steps like Page Layouts, Content Creation, Programming the Website, testing and launching, maintenance and monitoring, basic information gathering, and creating sitemaps and mockups.

MindStick Provides the best could development service which makes clients convenient to access the benefits of the online world.

OurCloud development servicehelps enterprises in utilizing their cloud power to supercharge the software cycle. This technology also turns bright ideas into brilliant software faster than ever before.

Content Management System is the service provided by MindStick and these days it become too important to access knowledge from the internet world.

CMS serviceis a compulsory necessity for all businesses due to which they get their links of customers and also increase their reach throughout the world.

CRM stands for Customer Relation Management and it keeps a healthy relationship with the customers.

MindStick provides the bestCRM servicethat fulfills the requirements of customers and follows the best industry manners which suits CRM development with our finest technology specialist.

Data is the key to future technology and its uses can change the environment of the whole technology world. Software Development companies prefer the well-designed structures to functions these data information.

For any software related projects database is required to enhance the speed of the projects. Data base provide a quick, reliable, and efficiently maintainable features to your projects.

MindStick provide the bestDatabase Serviceto fulfill your requirements of the technology world.

ERP talks a lot about the business where it connects any organization to its customers. MindStick has a well-designedERP softwarefor the services business to address all these intents to help you plan your supplies effectively. Resources planning is one of the youngest responsibilities when talking about the services industry.

MindStick provide the a great skilledLearning Management System software servicethat sees your administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of education courses, programs of training, and learning programs.

Mobile Application Developmentis trending today and almost every startup, organizations, and businesses need a handful of space where they can communicate with their customers.

MindStick provides the unique service of making Mobile Applications for its clients and the company has more than 13+ years of experience in mobile app development.

Some services are specifically designed for only windows space and that’s what it is called Windows app development. MindStick provides its best service ofWindows App Developmentand also has more than 13+ years of experience with developing more than 1200+ projects.

Designing with MindStick will be the best experience in your whole career as MindStick provide the bestUI/UX designteam which makes your software projects elegant from inside and outside.

MindStick Company has more than 13+ years of experience in such development which makes your work convenient and charming in the online world.

MindStick provides the bestWeb App Development servicethat gives you the space with interesting features which makes a user-friendly online portal.Your requirements will all be fulfilled in MindStick with the best ability of the company.

The products designed by MindStick are user and SEO-friendly which helps it to acquire good ranking in online search portals like Google, Safari, Bing, Mozilla, and More.

The company has an experienced and proficient team that understands its responsibility and also guarantees to produce the best development for its clients. The company can design any type of web application development.

MindStick is giving the bestSoftware Development Serviceswith a great experience in this field and the developers are utilizing their years of experience while developing any projects.

MindStick Software Services are unique and they have the capability to develop all types of projects and also have developed 1200+ projects.

It has great UI/UX design which makes MindStick services unique and standard.

The websites developed by MindStick are SEO-friendly which helps in search rankings.

Provide the responsive design: our design and device familiar software are spread across all platforms and screen sizes.

Clean coding: MindStick ensures the well neat and clean coding area and its structures.

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MindStick is the online space where billions of minds are sharing their thoughts and helping others with their knowledge they have similarly business personalities also visit our website and also share their valuable experience of their business life.

Our website welcomes your business interest and assure you the full support by providing you the best information of business with the best business personalities who have a great Experian in this business world.

MindStick articles, blogs, news, YourViews, and MindStick Q&A are here to give you all about business and also allow you toshare your postall around the world.

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MindStick technology is designed to support your small businesses in every possible way with the help of Software Solutions and marketing branches that increases your capacity and growth of your business.

MindStick dynamically drive high growth to your small business by attracting more and more leads. Visit ourportaland check out ourservicesandportalswhich will be your true supporter in business career.

Almost every big business has embraced the idea of digital transformation for the enhancement in collaboration, improvement in the connections with customers, and strengthening its data security to keep itself competitive.

Digital transformation with MindStick open the door of new ways of working with its exclusive sub portals like YourViews, MindStick Q&A, and more. Covid-19 Pandemic tought us the new way of working from home and it needs digital solutions which is possible with MindStick.

Modern applications of digital world make it possible for workers at any business to meet, track projects, and share information more conveniently. MindStick technology is capable to enable small business to connect with distant customers and suppliers which also reduce the time and cost of travelling.

Digital Transformation with MindStick can give you the direct access to easily communicate with your clients and have your discussion without any disturbance. It makes your relation b with your clients which also enables new height to achieve success.

Some great businessmen have realized the importance ofdigital marketingand they also have utilized it for their business related achievement that may be increase in sales, increase in revenue, targeting audience, and many more.

You can also be a part of some great business tycoon by just collaborating with MindStick service of Digital Marketing where you will get some of the best techniques to make your brand popular in online market and which will directly affect your sales and revenue.

MindStick provide help to your business by promoting your business in different portals where your will have the maximum possibility of gaining leads.

You will need a standard content to express your information in different portals by targeting your audience and this content creation and giving to the market is called the content marketing. MindStick is the best company for your purposes that has more than 13 years of experience in this work.

Business brand is something which can directly affect your growth in your revenue and this required a content marketing where you can do miraculous work to earn that brand buzz in the market.

First make sure you are entering in the conversation with your specific audience to whom you will reveal about your services and products. How you manufactured, how your products and services are beneficial for them, how you are reliable for them, cost of service, products and more such question.

You can contact to company

MindStick achieved the title of Gold Partner of Microsoft Network which means a lot for any software company and this reveal the ability of MindStick to develop the elite software. MindStick has the experience of more than 13 years in software development and developed 1200+ projects as per the client’s requirements. Our company is able to generate meaningful solutions for the software related issues.

MindStick team is capable to build any type of software according to your purposes. You can directly contact us atcontact@mindstick.comfor any software related solutions.

MindStick is the space where you can find some of the great intellectuals in all category of subjects like Business, Education, career counseling, Agriculture, Software Solutions, and many more. You can get the benefit of their experience in the business field by reading their regular content in MindStick.

You can ask your questions like productivity increase methods and many more in MindStick Q&A and you will get the best intellectual ideas of great business tycoon.

You can also directly connect and ask your query with the business team of MindStick by contacting it

MindStick is well designed to fulfill major purposes of the market which might include providing the online space, building your online presence, strengthening the relation, generating brand value, and increasing the revenue growth of your company.

Every market and businessman has the need for online solutions which can make their products and services easily accessible to customers.

MindStick features can help to create a reliable relationship with your customers and that will directly increase your sale and later on revenue. Market and its basics are the connection between businessmen and their customers which helps to maintain a reliable connection. MindStick directly helps in developing such reliability.

Features of MindStick include Articles, Blogs, News, and its services which will help to create your online presence by writingprofessional articles, blogs, and news with the help of the best content writers in MindStick.

Your all identity including images, product quality, and services info will be published in those articles, blogs, and news which will be visible to billions of people all over the world, and in this way, there will be a buzzing aura around your company name.

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The benefits of MindStick portal for marketing and business don’t end here as there is a lot more inside the MindStick Community which you should definitely have known about it. If you are that person who belongs to such community then it will be the perfect steps tojoin MindStick Community.

Any new startups need some b connecting capacity with its target audience so that your brand name get to known by every individuals. You will face some situation when you will need online help to make your startup vibrant.

You will need a space where you can find your target audiences like MindStick where you can target your audience and then you have to reveal about yourself, your services, and products to your audience and MindStick can do it very easy with the help of its features like Writing articles, blogs, news, YourViews, And Stories about yourself, your services, and products.

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You can increase your business reach by simply being a member of MindStick community. A lot of businessmen don’t understand the real concept of business due to which they face a tough situation in future. At last they also searched the ways in MindStick.

MindStick provide a different ways to help to its business family with the help of its technical solutions likeDigital marketing ServiceandBusiness Listing Service. Your business information will be visible to everyone and anywhere which leaves a positive impact over your brand name.

You can also contact us atadvertisement@mindstick.comwhere you can get the best solution from MindStick team.

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MindStick is an online space that welcome all the people from all over the world which may be an entrepreneur, businessmen, shop owner, farmers, teachers, students, self-employee, and more and unleash their imagination in MindStick.

A group of businessmen have their healthy discussion based on business world and more about business career what they had faced in their whole business life in MindStick and that’s create a business community. Our community is ready to help in your startups with their golden experience on particular issues. You might not know about-

What is crowdfunding? How to raise capital for startups, How to getventure capital fundingand many more topics but don’t worry Personal Views of these businessmen can help you to not only know it but also apply it practically.

You can also be a member of such community in just few minutes.Sign upyourself in MindStick.

Businesses of any kind can get help from MindStick in term of increase in revenue, increase in sales, increase in customers, and increase in Brand Value. MindStick covers all fields of business like, Hotel owner, contractors, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Shop owner, Political leaders, authors, Software Companies, other companies, and many more.

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MindStick is a wonderful space for business minded people where they will get the business related articles, blogs, news, views, andQ&As. And also they can communicate with their clients.

A true businessmen never stop learning in his business life instead he reads the stories of some great businessmen about their real life stories and the tactics they used to tackle it which not only reveal solutions but also keeps him motivated.

MindStick is a global company that help the businessmen from across all over the world with their crucial need of marketing world. Your Business might be local or global you can get help from MindStick.

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