From last few year, we all are hearing the refrain about the self-driving car, a car which will take you to the desired destination and you will not require anyone on the driving seat.

Autonomous cars! The next big thing in the automobile industry

Well, it is not just a thought or dream anymore as creating an autonomous car is going to be next big thing in the automobile industry.  

From many days I was thinking to cover up a blog on this amazing technology but I wasn’t getting appropriate information about how it will work, in which year we will see them on roads, what changes it will bring to the automobile industry.

But now when these imaginary thoughts are going to be possible I am here with my blog on automated cars.

What is a self-driving car?

In simple words, it could be understood as the car which is designed and created in a way that it could travel between destinations without being operated by humans. A car which can navigate around location without been driven around by an individual is known as an automated car.

Autonomous cars! The next big thing in the automobile industry

There is a variant of techniques installed in an autonomous car which includes GPS, radar, laser light, a computer vision and many more things which helps these cars in navigating the paths, looking around the surrounding, recognizing the unsudden hurdles and a proper analysis of roads.

How does it work?

As in the previous paragraph, I mentioned that these cars are loaded up with GPS, radar, laser light, a computer vision through which they are capable of traveling around location without any sort of issue.

The modern autonomous cars use Bayesian Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) which grabs the data from different sensors and maps and apply it to the current location.

Autonomous cars! The next big thing in the automobile industry

Slam along with tracking detects other moving objects, pedestrians and offers a clear way to move on.

The simpler version could be seen using the roadside map, real-time locating system a beacon system to aid localization. However, the typical version may use high-end sensors such as stereo vision, GPS, IMU.

Companies which are making it possible

Top automobiles companies Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, and Volvo are all set to present to launch their fully automated cars.

Giant Automobiles Company Audi has officially announced that they are launching in the year 2018 Audi A8 models will be fully automated cars and is designed with a mechanism of Artificial intelligence.

Autonomous cars! The next big thing in the automobile industry

As the company has recently tested there self-driving car which navigated around 140,000 miles of California streets and highways. Similar to Audi other giant corporation is also heading forward in the race of launching self-driving cars.

Well, we have to wait for 3-4 years when automated cars will be a casual thing and it will get common on roads.

Primary goals behind this amazing technology

Well, if talk about the goals they are simple and basic ones but those basic goals can offer a great change.


No, doubt the cars will offer a great security as they will be having installed setting of what speed they will be running on road and as the cars will be having installed with specific sensors which will automatically detect pedestrians and moving objects and many more uncertain things which occur on roads as the cars will be meant to follow all the rules.


An autonomous car will drive you around places while you are busy with your leisure work liking texting someone or taking an important call. These will be simply paradise to those who are not good at driving.

Autonomous cars! The next big thing in the automobile industry

Exploring long distance and unknown places will get easier and an individual will not have to worry about correct location as you could just provide the destination you have to reach and it will lead you there with the best possible direction.


Folks are no doubt going to get relief from traffic as there are reports which have stated that most of the time the traffic on the roads are the man-made and careless attitude of people.

And with the autonomous cars, there are chances that these issues will get resolved and humans will have a better a road experience.

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