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redirect non www to www in iis 7 and 8

The common use of URL Rewrite is redirecting http://domain.com to http://www.domain.com. Many people are doing this for search engine optimization (SEO) so that search engines only see the one site, rather than two sites. The goal is to set a permanent 301 redirect.


The 8 Major Mistakes Players Make in the Casinos

The casinos can be a world of mistakes because casino gambling opens up the lid on the “let-me-do-this-dumb-thing” jar of the “I did what?” reflection.

How To Write A Thematic Essay

A thematic essay also permits the student to emphasize how he has understood the concepts in lessons. You need to be very specific about what you have learned and put these facts in your article.

Get started with ASP.NET Core MVC and Visual Studio

A quick tutorial that creates and runs a simple demo app using ASP.NET Core.


Oop's Concepts

What is Oop's ? Uses and importance of Oop's . and why Oop's are getting a easy functionality in the applications for Developers ?.

Mattresses for Kids and Mothers should meet certain criteria: Issues you should consider!

Both pregnant women and children, in their developing ages, require to get a good night's sleep and this is highly important that they get this sleep for their overall health.


5 Things You Must Know About HDMI 2.0 Cables!

HDMI 2.0 is the latest version in HDMI and was released after HDMI 1.4. You might be using HDMI 2.0 cables in your day to day life but you might not be aware about the convenience it offers. This article will acquaint you with the benefits of using them.

how to show tool tip in html using jquery

Just another jQuery based tooltip popup plugin which has the ability to automatically set the placement direction based on the position of the matched element.


how to create message alert box using jquery

alert.js is a jQuery/Zepto plugin used to create mobile-friendly popup boxes that meet all your needs about confirm/alert dialogs and toast-style notifications.


Convex Hull Algorithms

It's a useful algorithm in computer science field. Application based on Convex Hull Algorithms is Finger Tracking , Hand Recognition , Human-computer interaction.

How to import Excel data in SQL Server 2014

Sometimes developer/programmer need to insert records in sql server database from excel sheet. If you have data in excel file and you want to import in sql table, then follow steps to explain everything.

SEO Reseller: Something More Than SEO

SEO Reseller is a company specialized in SEO and provides White Label SEO services to other agencies which include almost everything from designing, development and marketing.


Mobile Gaming Grows Rapidly

According to a report from App Annie, consumers spending on mobile iOS casino games increased 55% in November 2014 year-over-year.

3 Functionalities That a Magento Admin Mobile App Can Empower You With

It is not possible for you to be vigilant about managing your Magento e-store activities 24*7. But, an admin mobile app based on Magento Platform can help you do that. Find out the ways in which it can empower you.

A Layman’s Guide to Ethernet Network Technology and Cables

Be it home or office, Ethernet technology is a widely used one. This article will give you some insights about Ethernet Technology and the types of cables you can use for your day to day tasks

how to create left navigation menu in html using jQuery and bootstrap

A jQuery plugin for creating a Bootstrap style vertical nav menu which allows you to expand/collapse menu categories with smooth slide effects.

Spray-In Truck Bed Liners Vs. Dual Liner Truck Bed Liners

Every truck bed should have a liner installed for protective purposes. But before you purchase and install a liner, you should know the difference between a spray-in liner and a full solid liner like Dual Liner. I’ll explain the difference in this review article.

Viagra Generic (Sildenafil): A Lifebuoy for Men

Viagra Sildenafil is an oral medication used to treat erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension. It is in a class of drugs called phosphodiesterase inhibitors, and it's majorly used to increase blood flow into certain parts of the body by relaxing the muscles found in the walls of the blood vessels.


5 Web Design Strategies That Can Help E-commerce Sites Convert

Here are the five effectively proven tips to drive more sales, conversions and boost the performance of your e-commerce website.

Substantial Writing for Training: Secrets to Great Learning Content

Writing is difficult at the best of times, and it can take years to master the practice to a comprehensive and confident level. However, certain writing niches are much more difficult than others, notably educational and instructional writing.

Top 7 Short Term Investment Options for 2018

short term investments also called as the temporary investment. The goal of short term investments is to also protect capital with a low-risk level.

CAT 5E Vs CAT 6A: Understanding the Major Differences

This article tries to remove your confusion pertaining to the usage of CAT 5E or CAT 6A cable. Both these cables have different standards. Go through them and make a wise choice.

how to design a form with required field stylish mark

Bootstrap example of Required field styling with tooltip using HTML, Javascript, jQuery, and CSS. Snippet by rusboard


Implementation of RecyclerView in Android

In Android, RecyclerView is a more flexible and advanced version of ListView with some extra functionality. In RecyclerView different components work together to display different types of data. If you want to use ListView and RecyclerView together then any type of list and grid are created very easily.

What are the traits every salesperson hero possesses

Being a successful salesperson is not easy. You get to meet all sorts of people and need to indulge all of them in order to seal the deal. Each client represents a different project, which demands careful analysis and thorough preparation.

The best composition assistance from a TOP expression paper essayist

Before talking about the custom research project composing administrations, it's imperative to look at what research projects are and how they ought to be composed.

how to open first time popup on page load in website

Use jquery.firstVisitPopup.js plugin to open first time popup on your website. The firstVisitPopup jQuery plugin which uses browser cookies to show up a modal popup (e.g. welcome modal) to first-time visitors.


Tips to Pick Best Credit Cards in 2018

Picking the right credit card especially when you have so many options under different categories can be very confusing. There are various comparison websites that can help you get a better understanding of which cards to choose depending on your spending habits, annual income, requirements and more.


Code for Designing Any Types of Logos in HTML5

In HTML5 the canvas & SVG is a powerful tool by which you can create different type of images, logos, animated images, games etc. By the help of JavaScript & HTML5 code, you can create our own images without using any third party tools like Photoshop, coral-draw etc.

Fynsis Announce SuiteCRM Customer Portal, Independent Client Service Platform

Fynsis – SuiteCRM Code Partner released a specialized SuiteCRM Customer Portal Solution, allowing businesses to provide end customers with a much altered and smart service organization across the global in web platform.