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Give your Magento store the power of a world-class CRM system through our SaaS based Magento–SuiteCRM integration solution. The combination of these two software platforms results in an efficient system to manage Magento customers.

Not only this, range extender picks up the existing wireless signals and broadcasts it beyond the range of the wireless router. To complete the process of Netgear Extender Setup visit mywifiext.net.

Content marketing is highly required. Content can be text, pictures and videos. Content is no more limited to traditional platforms on hard paper. Now digitally also content is very popular. In fact digital content has already over powered the paper content. So when there is so much happening around content you also need to go for content marketing. And like any other marketing you also need to decide the best Content Marketing Pricing Packages available for your business?

The process of managing product catalogs at your e-store is tiresome and challenging one. You might face issues while simultaneously managing the whole store activities. But, you can overcome them with the help of ecommerce catalog manager. It not only increases conversion rates for your store but brings an overall different look for your e-store. Let us have a look at the ways in which it helps to manage a huge bulk of products.

In Oracle alter is command or statement that is used to perform a different type of operation in any database. Alter command mainly use for add a column, delete a column, modify a column and also rename a table in any database.

Tips and Techniques for essay writing.

It has become a known fact that big data has been hogging the limelight in many sectors in the recent times. Such is the powerfulness of big data that 79% of executives feel that companies may lose their competitive position and might even end up in extinction if they do not embrace big data, according to a study by Accenture.

If you think it’s the wireless world and nothing can be better than Wi-Fi. Go through this article and learn how wired connections are still better than wireless ones!

laser cutting is the use of laser to cut metals and give them desired shapes and sizes.This articles helps you to know pros and cons of laser cutting.

“Customer engagement,” is an important aspect to keep a business running. An online customer portal brings all of your self-service support options into one easy-to-use location. Here you can know how portal will help to enhance the user experience.


In this article we are going to how to copy an existing table to new table in SQL Server with an example.

In this article we are going to explain what is subquery in SQL or how to create subquery in SQL or how to use subquery in SQL server with example.

Over the span of a decade, we can say that laser technology has become omnipresent. Apart from that, laser technology is a life saver in the field of medicine to improve our longevity. You can follow the here mentioned guidelines with your profession this and you are sure to have a successful business.

Sometimes it can be hard for students to write papers. I would like to help a little bit with this issue. That is why I wrote a little guide on writing reflection papers. .

In this article we are going to explain what is Cursor in sql or how to create Cursor in sql or how to use Cursor in sql server with example.

In this article we are going to explain what is Multi-statement Table-Valued User-Defined Function in sql or how to create Multi-statement Table-Valued User-Defined Function in sql or how to use Multi-statement Table-Valued User-Defined Function in sql server with example.

Ecommerce is racing at a faster speed and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that online business is gaining momentum.

Here we are going to explain what is Table-valued functions in sql or how to create Table-valued functions in sql or how to use Table-valued functions in sql server with an example.

Here we are going to explain what is scalar function in sql or how to create scalar function in sql or how to use scalar function in sql server with example.

Some people believe resume writing is an easy process. As you might have seen, it is an actual challenging mechanism. Writing a good resume is like writing an abstract for your book. You will emphasize the essential elements in the plot, but you will get into details only if you are asked to!

Today, mobile surfs more than 60% of internet. If you don’t have a responsive website - then you are losing your business. Here are some solid references why your business needs a responsive web design.

The features shown above are important regardless of what you sell on the web store. It is easy to find a theme that looks attractive. However, it is important that you give a detailed eye to the features that provide functional back end options as well.

3 most important things people miss out while evaluating CRMs which become a problem down the line, are as below:

With the proliferation of data breaches, the need to level up web security is not optional anymore. Here are the reasons why your website must have an SSL Certificate.

Inventory management is one of those practices every company knows they need to spend more time on. Here you can find some of the reasons you need to consider integrating a Magento inventory management Extension in your ecommerce store.

Just like humans need to eat food and get energy, the electrical appliances at your homes or offices need power to work. And it’s extension cords that supply them with the power. But, not all extension power cords are the same. If you choose the wrong power cord, it can lead to mishaps. So, here are some safety measures or factors that help you to select the appropriate extension cord. Just read and buy the safest one. Safeguard yourself and your appliances using the right cord.

One of the major reasons for occurrence of electrical accidents and mishaps is our wrong belief about nema ratings. We believe that Nema ratings just apply to nema power cords. But, they are even applicable for the electrical enclosures. So, just go through this information and know about the Nema ratings applicable for electrical boxes and save your lives.


The strange trends that impact web development today.

Were you watching for your favorite TV channel and something went wrong with your HDMI cable connection? You just tried to call the electrician to come for help. But Alas! He is not available. Now, in such situation, if you don't want to miss your TV show and have a happy binge watch, take a look at these DIY remedies that can help you overcome HDMI connection problems.