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Artificial Intelligence Solution Provider

MindStick is an Artificial Intelligence Solution contributor running on a broad range of data analytics and artificial intelligence services to achieve end-to-end projects.

We propose advanced analytics in your company with a broad range of artificial intelligence services. Gain an innovative competitive advantage by generating new business solutions. Our Primary subject is data science and machine learning technologies which involves but is not limited to natural language processing, wide neural networks, support knowledge, auspicious analytics, and social and computer vision.

Our AI Capabilities to Your Advantage

MindStick’s AI services help drive competing advantages and generate decisive results for your business. We originate and acquire AI-powered mobile apps, AI-specific solutions, and responsible data, to assist you to develop highly scalable and economically digital products & solutions and decrease labor & infrastructure expenses significantly. We possess the expertise and capability to strategize and implement artificial intelligence services, combined with cognitive technology to preserve your legacy business applications and implement a full color of services.

Who We are

MindStick AI is a pop-up fast-growing Artificial Intelligence Solution Provider, which is rendering Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Services all across the globe. Our experts address the entire range of AI Solutions including Deep learning, Machine learning, Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, Language Recognition, Object detection and recognition, and Data Analytics Services.

Our Services

With more than 10 years in the information technology domain, MindStick has consistently grown and developed a powerful expertise organization that practices maintaining customer requirements with data. From architecting information foundations, we help businesses capture structured and unregulated data, develop data for modeling, and develop algorithms while extending these solutions in real-time business situations.



Designing Algorithms is simple but making people use them is a tough task. We develop AI models for exceptional Artificial Intelligence solutions within an existing business representation to maximize the advantage of Investment.



MindStick has the expertise and experience to develop advanced Artificial Intelligence applications to empower your business with Automated Machine Learning Solutions.



Our AI Algorithms and Machine learning models are deployed in a manner that can deliver the maximum benefits and provides huge profit to your business.



MindStick can produce customized AI-Based applications that fulfill your different AI requirements and match business standards to be regularly on top.



Our seamless Machine learning services of Advanced Artificial Intelligence can combine with your manageable business model to maximize the growth of clients.

Strategy and Cunsulting

Strategy and Consulting

We have a team of specialist Data behavior analysis and AI developers to improve your business to begin on a transformational course with the choice of futuristic technology.

Make your Business Smarter with Artificial Intelligence

We are skilled at allowing your company to deliver excellent customer experiences and enhance ‘smarter’ by implementing AI to your products, business services, different domains, developing tools, and many more.

We Are AI Specialists

Machine Learning

We authorize your business with the unrivaled advantages of machine learning, a technology that empowers machines to leverage data for self-instructed just like people do. They can perform complex data, identify trends, detect designs, and unlock content in it.

Natural Language Processing

We practice Natural Language Processing technology which empowers machines to recognize and perceive what personalities talk and record, describe their thoughts, and take appropriate steps based on this knowledge.

Image Processing

MindStick has expertise in designed picture processing technology, as we produce high-tech optical applications that can perceive, examine, and integrate images and recognize patterns in them.

Knowledge Virtualization

We control the potential of Artificial Intelligence technology for generating robust information virtualization systems, which support companies to use certain databases for taking the clean business choices.

Digital Virtual Agents

We create extremely advanced AI-powered digital virtual assistants, which are proficient in knowledge and evaluating the human presence and abandoning extensive care as well as enhancing customer experiences.

Natural Language Generation

We create exceptional NLG applications that convert data into text which is human-readable information. These statements serve diverse objects such as automating BI statements, business reports, product descriptions, and many more.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is a different ability to maintain as we build powerful applications that carry out repeated methods based on machine-learned or user-generated directions, without the necessity for human interference.

Decision Management

We analyze and automate company decisions with AI-assisted company decision management solutions that stimulate accurate decisions based on strong algorithmic and auspicious systems.

Accelerate Business Transformation with our AI Services

MindSticks' expertise supports you leverage AI opportunities located within methods of record and systems of the skirmish.

Why MindStick for Artificial Intelligence?

Customized Solutions

We recognize your enterprise and designer custom solutions that support you in accomplishing your goals.

Safe and Secure

We assure you that your knowledge is protected and ensure that all redemption notes are cached in place.


We utilize cutting-edge technologies for developing an empowered knowledge practice for your business.







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