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The MindStick Data Science practice leverages machine learning to give you a competitive edge.


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Data science offerings

We develop custom designs and systems tailored to our customer's particular requirements - no black boxes or one-size-fits-all strategies. Our practices in detectable inquiry, time series modeling, and mathematical optimization can be connected to give you a combined strategy to optimize your approach. MindStick creates data pipelines from multiple data specialists, data depositories, and even third parties, which are maintained within a series of uniquely tailored designs and finally, conceived. The outcome is a holistic system for accouching actionable penetrations and necessary recommendations while automating dull data wrangling and model tuning.

Our Expertise

With more than 10 years in the information technology domain, MindStick has consistently grown and developed a powerful expertise organization that practices in maintaining customer requirements with data. From architecting information foundations, we help businesses capture structured and unregulated data, develop data for modeling, and develop algorithms while extending these solutions in real-time business situations.

Data Strategy

Build data-driven knowledge with our holistic data plan that presents the most beneficial business smash. Our Data Scientists will serve with you to enhance your modern data enterprises, as well as recognize new use evidence and support.

Data Science and AI Consulting

Our machine learning algorithms and content drilling procedures for your business crises will accommodate in developing scalable architectures and building machine learning conveyors in software and web applications.

Scientific Software Development

MindStick can operate with your partners to design creative, interactive, and thoughtful projects that unlock real business requirements. We grasp flexible methodologies to quicken the speed of business.

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Our Data Science SERVICES

We generate custom data science approaches and solutions based on your creative business goals, business, and purpose. While out-of-the-box data science solutions and technologies can assist gain data science certainty, they are not only as good as the techniques, but they use cause and implementation after them. Your business is unparalleled. Your data science strategies must reflect your depths.

ACD -Document Indexing

ACD -Document Indexing

An automatic certificate classification service that classifies batches of the document with predefined document properties. It can also be used to automate documents within content-based analyses and discover perceptions from them.

Hadoop Development Services

Hadoop Development Services

Based on the planned structure, we will perform the Hadoop platform with the combinations from the different positions in the information pipeline. These principles are customized from head to toe to operate accurately for your business.

Route Optimization

Route Optimization

Manually obtaining the ideal plan for your agents is conceivable at the inception. But as your market grows, constantly altering the routes & pit stops, or adding/deleting new clients at the penultimate time can be quite a hurdle.

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring

Sales teams are often hard-pressed for a moment. Busy calling, chatting, and emailing possibilities present even the lowest interest in their goods and services. All that energy drives below the drain if they have been following false or unbaked leads, which will never transform.

Cognitive Process Automation

Cognitive Process Automation

Self-regulation is an industrial Age concept, Cognitive process automation takes this theory moreover to create software that can sense, analyze, work, and acquire while automating the methods. While CPA is a benefit for businesses performing high-volume transactional methods.

Big Data Lakes Solutions & Consulting

Big Data Lakes Solutions & Consulting

Is your business seeking a big data policy that is uniquely adapted to your instant and ultimate purposes? A big knowledge lake can afford an effective and cost-effective clarification to your business.

Recommender System Development

Recommender System Development

Do you have an e-commerce website or seeking a way to upsell? What if we inform you of your client's purchasing order, last shopping, goods/service choices, demographic features, gender, and other such factual data so that you can make suitable product suggestions easily?

Data Science as a Service

Data Science as a Service

MindStick is familiar with each hurdle you face, and our data science solutions assist you to navigate around difficulties irking client-facing businesses. Once you post Data on our bound Cloud database, our data experts and data engineers will leverage logical algorithms to extract data that is relevant to your enterprise.

Data Science Training for Corporates

Data Science Training for Corporates

Data science is the energy for the businesses of eternity. It is not just cramped to significant data. Data science education at MindStick Solutions enables corporates to support the actual potential of data and Machine Learning to augment their business.

Our Capabilities

Our organization of data engineers and examiners tailor indicates end-to-end clarifications that empower organizations to make business-critical choices using data. We carry deep domain proficiency in multiple industry verticals and work side-by-side with your partners to deliver impactful perception that contributes to a real choice over your opponents.

Why Choose Our Data Science Services

Customized Solutions

We recognize your enterprise and designer custom solutions that support you in accomplishing your goals.

Safe and Secure

We assure you that your knowledge is protected and ensure that all redemption notes are cached in place.


We utilize cutting-edge technologies for developing an empowered knowledge practice for your business.







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