If there were no hackers, lost devices were found intact, and the employees followed HIPAA training perfectly there would have been no mess

All you need to know about 360 degree cameras

Now we are very much aware of 360-degree photography, 360-degree videos, 360-degree live and much more stuff which are intended with the 360-degree mode.

Gadgets to look for in the year 2018

So many gadgets were introduced by giant corporations along with the huge breakthrough in the year 2017 which were praised in the whole world by the techy geeks.

Smartphone Security: Keep Your Phone From Being Hacked

The amazing thing about smartphones today is they can do more than PCs were able to do decades ago. Some of them even dominate various laptops that are on the market in terms of what they are able to accomplish.

Building an SEO-friendly Joomla website for your business

Joomla is a good platform for building your site as you can get many advanced features for your business. Joomla impress your targeted audience online and get the consistent flow of traffic you deserve for your business with success!

4 reasons why women above 30 need to invest in neck creams

The amazing secret which is the true reason behind a woman's true age is none other than a neck cream! While we all use various makeup products, SPF lotions, and scrubs, over time our skin starts to wear out and sag.


How to operate WordPress from your iPhone or Android?

Looking for managing word press from your iPhone or Android phone? Don’t know how to do it? Stop worrying! Read this blog to know more.

Virtual reality trends to look for in the year 2018

Saying goodbye to 2017 now we have entered in 2018 well the year passed really good new technologies came in our hands, upgrades were been done in very useful one.

L&T Mutual Fund Schemes and Details

The parent asset management company for all the L&T mutual fund schemes is L&T investment management limited.

Promotional Pop-ups Magento 2 Extension

Create popups with any HTML content, image or form when pages load for grab customer attention.

PHP  magento 

Common Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Watch For

Marketing is a whole world inside itself! It does not bind to a single platform but a large number of channels can be used to reach your target audience.

How Can Good Relationship with Influencers Benefit Your Business?

If there is one universal thing that holds true in the world of business, it is that interpersonal relationships are the most important skill one can possess.

Autonomous cars! The next big thing in the automobile industry

From last few year, we all are hearing the refrain about the self-driving car, a car which will take you to the desired destination and you will not require anyone on the driving seat.

How to use social login for Google, Yahoo and Facebook

Creating Login button give ease to a user to provide authentic user login in his/her application. There are several ways a user can provide the login to the application such as using google, facebook, yahoo, linkedIn, etc.

Threads in Java

A thread is a lightweight independent process.

Are you hitting the target with your content?

In simple term, content is considered as the contribution or providing of information on any particular media.

Implementation of API in Android

An API is an interface used between the user and the server. There are two types of API’s used which offers a different mechanism for connecting and receiving data.

API (Application Programming Interface)

An API is an interface used between the user and the server. There are two types of API’s used which offers the different mechanism for connecting and receiving data.

Ensure the high quality of your tech products with the right PBC fabrication services

If the profile of your enterprise revolves around the production and selling of high tech products, engineering processes stand at the base of your production system.

A brief introduction to SQLite and it's features

SQLite is a relational database which implements a self-contained, server-less, zero- configurational, transactional database engine.

Triggers in SQLite

Triggers in SQLite database are the database callback functions which are invoked or performed whenever a specified database event occurs.

Transactions and Injections in SQLite

A brief introduction to transaction and injections in SQLite.

Datatypes in SQLite

Datatypes are an important aspect of any table created in the database.

Difference between SQL and SQLite

Various differences between SQL and SQLite

Income Tax Calculator- Free Online Tax Calculator in India

While calculating the taxes, people should make sure to calculate the various exemptions they are eligible for.


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