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Mobile app or a Web site would be better for a business Start-up?

As it is necessary for today’s businesses to expand its operating area and to reach to every part it can get. The most preferable method is it to get the business online.

By AMANDEEP SINGH posted   2 days ago


Recently, the US tech giant Microsoft on Mar 8, 2017 launched a new version of Visual Studio 2017 with new potentials for developers to craft any full-fledged application for any platform.

By Ailsa Singh posted   3 days ago

ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management System

ISO (International Standard Organization) Certification is a standard for an organization for branding your business internationally. ISO standard is extremely flexible and may be implemented in a variety of ways to suit the specific way of doing business.

By Richa Agarwal posted   3 days ago

What is ISO 27001 and Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification

Most organizations or businesses will face some form of controls to manage information security. Protecting your organizations information is critical for the management success and organization’s smooth operation.

By Richa Agarwal posted   3 days ago


Guest blogging is a practice that bloggers use to raise traffic on their blogs. Bloggers write posts to publish on another blogger’s site.

Google Disavow tool

Now a days the importance of back links is clear to everyone. Many sites make a link to your site and it gives improvement to your website ranking.

Indexer in C# with example

The indexer is a class property that’s treated an object as an array. Or in other word indexer is a class property that’s access a class or structure in the same way as arrays.When you define an indexer for a class, then this class behaves similar to virtual array.

 C# C# 

What is KnockoutJs

KnockoutJs is a JavaScript library based on MVVM. Model view View Model .It provides 2 way data binding between view and view model using data-bind concept.

By Manish Sahu posted   18 days ago

Alexa update global traffic panel

Alexa, the subsidiary company of, Alexa recently going to increase Global Traffic Panel.

By Royce Roy posted   24 days ago

Difference between Singleton class and Static class

Static class in like the normal class the feature of static class is that we can make object of static class and it contain only static members. This is also knowns as sealed class means we cannot inherit it into the child class.

 C# C# 
By Manish Sahu posted   24 days ago

ArrayList and Hashtable

In this article I will explain concept of hashtable and arrayList , its uses and the differences between hashtable and arrayList

 C# C# 
By Manish Sahu posted   24 days ago

Some important features of Extjs

It’s a type of validation that’s allow user to enter only specific type of data,that’s define in maskRe validation section.

Dynamically Adding Row Using AngularJs in MVC

In this article I will explain about the basics of angularjs and I will make an application for adding dynamic rows.

By Manish Sahu posted   27 days ago

Multithreading in csharp

It is the path of Execution. Each thread defines the unique flow of control .Threads are lightweight process. Use of threads saves wastage of CPU cycle and increase efficiency of an application

 C# C# 
By Manish Sahu posted   28 days ago

Fundamental of C Sharp

It is a placeholder in the memory that can be used to store the data,its value can be changed, using the data type we can specify that what kind of value will be stored in the variable.

 C# C# 
By Manish Sahu posted   28 days ago

Action Selector in MVC

Action Selector are the attributes that are applied to the action methods .Action selector helps in the routing engine to select particular action method to handle a particular user request.

By Manish Sahu posted   29 days ago

Important features of ExtJs

Toolbar:- Toolbar is very important feature that’s enable user to operate multiple operation at a single line. Many UI associated with them.

By Jonas Stuart posted   29 days ago

Routing in with example

Routing define the execution flow of incoming request to a controller and the functionality. System.Web.Routing is the namespace use for routing.

By Manish Sahu posted   one month ago

Partial View in MVC

Partial view a is view that is used in the view for specific portion it is reusable in all over the application. It is said to as child view. If we want to use some code multiple time we can use the concept of partial view.

By Manish Sahu posted   one month ago

Creating Master page in MVC

Master page or Layout is a common layout for all the pages in the web application. Suppose we want common look and feel for many pages like header, footer, logo for this we make layout in the shared folder and shared folder should be in the View fold

By Manish Sahu posted   one month ago

View state, Cookie and Session

All these three are used to maintain state management. View and Cookie come under client state management technique and session come under server state management technique

 C# C# 
By Manish Sahu posted   one month ago

Keywords cannibalization in search engine optimization (SEO)

Keyword cannibalization is something to take seriously as it can damage your website keywords rankings or traffic.

By Ashish srivastava posted   one month ago

Delegate in c sharp

Delegate are similar to pointer in c/C to function. It is reference type variable that holds the references to the method. It can contain references of many method and that can be called when we need.

 C# C# 
By Simond Gear posted   one month ago

Why organic search traffic is important

If your motive is to reach the large amount of audience through your blog with organic traffic if you have analysis all the traffic generation matrices to apply on your blog.

By Ashish srivastava posted   one month ago

Making Custom Error Page in Mvc4

In this section I will explain about making of custom error page. We have seen in most of the cases default error page occur.

By Manish Sahu posted   one month ago

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