Mobile app or a Web site would be better for a business Start-up?

As it is necessary for today’s businesses to expand its operating area and to reach to every part it can get. The most preferable method is it to get the business online. We have two methods to get online access of a portal. One is through an app interface on a mobile phone or through a website on a computer.

 Now, this is a very confusing situation, a mobile app or a website? Or both?

The one of the following points will surely help to get you answers.

1: Put yourself in the place of your user, and then take a decision: IF there is a significant user advantage by picking one of the platforms as compared to the other, you can easily decide. For example, a business like Uber or Ola whose users are always on the road, will have to prefer a mobile app only. 

2: Think about future User Growth and Monetization for your service: Think about from where future growth and revenue will come from for your service. Consider a time of about 20 to 24 months and try to picture your growth. Depending on the type of your services, the country/region of your target users, the price of the service you provide, future growth considerations will vary.

3: See Mobile device’s expansion: Today, we have more users being used the internet on mobile devices as compared to the desktop. Today, Mobile devices outnumber people in the world. Your decision might well be mobile site vs. mobile app.

If these points do not give a clear picture of your further step, then there are certain things you should consider…

People who aren't committed to you, won't install an app until they know who you are and that they'll use it. And many apps have some content which is effectively a web page even if it is only the about bit.

Getting your story straight and compelling is hard. And it is often easier if you see all parts of it together. The website allows you to be a Most Valuable Player with something wordy and lengthy to begin with but rapidly repeating into something much tighter. A good analytics program allows you to AB test and see which page is working better so it helps you refine the site.

You can create a website for free using any number of simple programs. And if you are an Adobe subscriber Muse is awesome for creating really interesting sites. There's lots of help online for almost anything you choose and loads of themes - no need to pay a web designer.

You'll get analytics software free too. And it is easy to link with twitter, LinkedIn etc. to get followers using a blog etc. 

But apps cost thousands unless you use a program like Buzztouch. To submit them to Apple you have to pay for a developer license ($99). Submission requires approval. Then you need to do it all over again for Android. And Apple and Google judge you on early uptake - they won't promote you until they know it has resistance.

So build your initial audience, refine your offer and use analytics to do some growth hacking before you spend money to be in the App stores.

Last updated:3/17/2018 5:51:13 AM
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