Everybody needs a smartphone or a smart tech gear, and these devices square measure massively fashionable. Android platform is that the world’s most well-liked mobile platform. At the last count checked, there are more than one billion active devices worldwide, which variety is growing chop-chop.

Until the mid-2000s, the word “Android” delineate a mechanical, anthropomorphic creature — a root’n-toot’n officer of the law with intrinsic machine guns or a hyper logical area somebody UN agency will do everything except speak victimization contractions. At the meantime in 2005, Google acquired Android, Inc. — a 22-month recent company providing software platform for mobile phones. That move modified everything.

In 2007, a gaggle of thirty four corporations formed the Open Handset Alliance. Its task is “to develop innovation in mobile and provide customers a richer, more cost-effective, and higher mobile experience”; its primary project is “Android,” an open, free OS supported the UNIX package kernel.

Though HTC released the primary commercially obtainable Android smart phone close to the tip of 2008, within the US the public’s awareness of Android and its potential didn’t surface till early 2010

Understanding Android is like moving to a distant town. Although we have a tendency to speak the language, it'll not fell like home initially. Everybody around here appears to grasp things that we have a tendency to square measure missing. Things we have a tendency to already knew prove to be dead wrong during this new context. Android has developed a culture. That culture speaks Java, however knowing Java isn't enough. Android may be a comprehensive open source platform supported LINUX and powered by Google. It’s a robust development framework that features everything we'd like to create all kind of application employing a mixture of Java and XML. What’s a lot of, it allows U.S. to deploy those apps to a large sort of devices—phones, tablets and a lot of employing a fashionable, open platform with a lot of business support and powerful market momentum; writing your own package and putting in it on your own phone (without having to post the package on a company’s website); commercial enterprise package while not having to face a difficult approval method.

The Android Technology is the largest mobile platform (by market share) in the world. It is responsible for more than Eighty per cent of all smartphone penetration. With these promising figures, it is no wonder that Android mobile application development is hot. However, the rapid growth of the Android ecosystem has also introduced some pretty interesting challenges. There have been 12  different major releases, numerous phone models (and tablets, watches, TVs, etc.), with dozens of screen sizes, all with manufacturer tweaks added to the standard Android Open Source Project software.

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