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7 Value Adding Tips To The Junior Developers

Milan Soni 725 11-Jun-2019

“Talk is cheap. Show me the code” says Linus Torvalds

In the world of programmers, right from the interview to your entire journey, your coding pattern is what you are known for, apart from your way of communication, client dealing etiquettes and team working ideology.  

Now, you may be thinking that the code looks same anyway. What’s new?  

That’s wrong. Because a code may look the same from the functionality, but the pattern of writing the code varies from person to person. And, that’s quite an effective reason for hiring a dedicated team for the project rather than changing it over.  

After spending numerous years in the field, I understand that the journey was never a cake walk. Even at the entry level, it can make you feel miserable because of the long-working hours and strict deadlines. But, it’s worth making an effort. After the project deployment, you feel like the creator of something you never thought of.  

With that due experience in the android app development company, I am sharing some of the tips that can help you in your journey from the junior developer to the level you desire of.  

Never stop sharpening your axe

The number one mistake that most of us in the programming fraternity have been doing for long is giving a back seat to learning as soon we settle with a job or a client. Learning gives you a competitive edge, and you stay curious.

Be a programmer, not a coder

Program is logic, and the code is just a language. Always value logic over the code. Still, in the community, some experienced people can work on languages you might not have even heard of. These people understand the logic, not the language. Never belittle someone just because they are only capable of a single language or library. You can learn a language; you have to create logic.

Focus on functionality, not on tools

As said earlier, languages, IDEs, and libraries are just the tools you can use. They will change and upgrade over time. But the functionalities will still be necessary. Remember that as a programmer, your role is to get the objective complete most efficiently. Give constructive feedback with solutions problems. Your clients and managers will be delighted if you suggest a better way to get things done rather than creating issues and put everyone pondering over them.

Bugs can crawl 

Bugs or errors are a natural event. Don’t panic and start working on them. The more you will spend the time with your code, the easier it will be for you to find them. Agile or rapid, whatever your approach will be, always allocate time for testing and debugging.

You may follow the approach of John Johnson “First solve the problem, then write the code.”

Don’t procrastinate

“It’s the day - 1 of the project. We will gradually complete it.” Don’t hide your laziness behind this reason. Agreed that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they kept laying the bricks every day. The first day of your project is usually the most important day. Plan your project and assign responsibilities to your team. Plan a schedule and stick to it. Don’t wait for the deadline and your manager to hang a sword on your neck.

Never take efforts for granted

While learning programming skills online, at some institute or by yourself, you will start believing that you will code every nook and corner in the software. But as soon as you land up in the corporate programming world, you find two new friends, Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V who along with their almighty cousin StackExchange can solve practically every problem in your life. Yes, they might be cool and save you a zillion lines of hard work, but posting other’s work as yours can land you in serious legal and professional trouble. Be wise and empathetic. Firstly check the license application and acknowledge their work suitably as per the license requirements.

As a programmer, I can say that your journey can be exciting and can boring and dull at times. But, this all depends on your approach towards the project. So, follow the ideas we shared with you and talk to divers of the same field to try out the new ways to maintain the spark in the industry.

Irrespective of the technology you want to dive in if you’re going to start your journey as a developer, feel free to approach us. We are into mobile application development, website designing and development, and digital marketing services. 

Let’s grow together! 

Milan Soni

Milan Soni

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