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what is qlc in mnesia ?

qlc stands for Query List Comprehension used in Query Interface to Mnesia, ETS, Dets table by using qlc we can join multiple table and fetch data . T...

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What is Mnesia

Erlang in general is used to program highly distributed and fault tolerant systems. Even though it has its roots in the telecommunication industry, it has proven useful in several other sites like ejabbered, Facebook chat etc....

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Module in Erlang

Modules are a bunch of functions regrouped in a single file, under a single name. Additionally, all functions in Erlang must be defined in modules. Y...

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Recursion in Erlang.

Most computer programming languages support recursion by allowing a function to call itself within the program text. Some functional programming langu...

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Higher Order Function in Erlang.

In mathematics and computer science, a higher-order function (also functional form, functional or functor) is a function that does at least one of the following: takes one or more functions as an input....

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What is Erlang?

Erlang was developed at Ericsson and was designed from the ground up for writing scalable, fault-tolerant, distributed, non-stop, soft-realtime applications....

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