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Why Hire A WordPress Designer?

Widgets are small modules that are designed to help web searchers utilize many of the plugins with extended abilities. These plugins include news sliders, a slideshow, boxes with drag-and-drop sidebar content placement....

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Google Cache – What it is & How to view it

Ever run a search online and wondered how Google is able to gain “live” access to so many websites at the same time, sometimes in a hundredth of a second? Well, in reality, it doesn’t need to. It could simply save a copy of a webpage in its database...

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5 Deadly Mistakes That Can Increase Bounce Rate

Bounce rate, a dreadful and hideous aspect of ecommerce. Bounce rate is something that brings wrinkles on the head of an online business owner. It takes a lot of tedious efforts to get a visitor on your ecommerce website, seeing him go away without...

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