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Java vs JavaScript

Java vs JavaScript

Anonymous User857 06-Sep-2019

A preamble for Java vs JavaScript

As far as Java and JavaScript are concerned both share similar names but they are completely different only having some common things. Both are different in their main goal and the applications they both can run. JavaScript is a very simple language like HTML. While Java is a general-purpose language, on the other hand, JavaScript is used on websites to make them more interactive. They are configured separately.

Java Programming Language

Java vs JavaScript

When we talk about the programming language, we know that Java has a special place. Java is an object-oriented programming language. It is made by Sun Microsystems. Initially, Java was known as Oak, but in 1995 it was named Java. Nowadays it has been merged with Oracle Corporation. The main advantage of Java is that we need to run its code once and after that, we can run it anywhere, in other words also the tag line of Java. This code can be run on any platform providing the environment to run it. While JVM (Java Virtual Machine) has the responsibility of running Java code anywhere. Java is considered as a universal computer language. This is designed similar to C++, but with easier syntax to understand. That is the Java is also known for its security terms. It is a very secure language. The Java is used for creating and running web servers, word processors, code editors and so on. The Java also provides applets that run inside our browser. Those are not incorporated in our browsers like other programs. Nowadays applets are rarely used by programmers because of some security flaws in them.

JavaScript Language

Java vs JavaScript

When we talk about or think about JavaScript, we understand JavaScript as part of our web browser. This is an object-oriented scripting language and was created by Netscape. This is a lightweight language. Their name caused confusion with the name Java. In the beginning, it was known as LiveScript. It is built into our browser. The First thing is, it was used in Netscape browsers. The JavaScript is easy to learn because its syntax is similar to that of HTML. This is different from HTML in that it is object-oriented. This code can be inserted into HTML pages. This is used to control the look and feel of the web pages. Normally, all modern websites use JavaScript. Into the JavaScript, objects can be plotted through method acting. You can also change the properties with method acting. The Functions are supported in JavaScript without any declarative requirements.

Java and JavaScript

Where Java and JavaScript both are Object Oriented Programming languages, but JavaScript is an object-oriented scripting language. Those are completely different programming languages with a small number of similarities. The JavaScript is mainly used in web pages. Approximate all Java expression syntax, naming conventions are followed by JavaScript. These are the main reason for calling it JavaScript. Against Java, JavaScript does not bother about methods, variables, and classes at all. Where Java is much more complex than JavaScript. Let us compare Java and JavaScript in detail.

  •  In Java language, the source code is first converted into an intermediate code known as the byte code. Its byte code is non-readable by humans and is independent of any machine. And after that, this byte code is interpreted by the interpreter (Java Virtual Machine). Because JavaScript is a scripting language so, it is only interpreted. This is why making changes in a Java program is much more complex than making changes in a JavaScript program.
  •  The Java language needs the Java Development Kit. JavaScript mainly requires a text editor.
  •  The Java language is a strongly typed language, on the other hand, JavaScript is a loosely typed language.
  •  Into the web environment, JavaScript is a front-end language whereas Java is a back end language.
  •  The JavaScript is considered as a part of the HTML file so it is visible in the source file. Java applets are not a part of the HTML file so they are not visible in the source file.
  •  The Java language is very complex to learn due to its rules and restrictions whereas JavaScript is very easy to learn as compared to Java.
  •  That is the User Interface of JavaScript is developed in HTML that is very easy to understand whereas the User Interface of Java is developed in AWT or Swing that is very complex to understand.
  •  Into the client-side is more secure in Java compared to JavaScript.
  •  Into the Java and JavaScript routines are known as methods and functions respectively.
  •  The Java language supports polymorphism, but JavaScript does not support polymorphism.
  •  In the Java uses classes and objects to make its code reusable easily but this service is not available in JavaScript.

Equality between Java and JavaScript

  •  JavaScript and Java both can run on the server.
  •  JavaScript and Java both can run on a browser.
  •  JavaScript and Java both have frameworks and libraries.
  •  JavaScript and Java both cannot be written automatically to the hard disk drive.
  •  JavaScript and Java both are used to upgrade the web pages.
  •  JavaScript and Java both have some level of security built into it.
  •  JavaScript and Java both can run on the client's side.

Advantages of JavaScript over Java

  •  Basic knowledge of HTML is sufficient for JavaScript.
  •  Editing is easier in JavaScript compared to Java.
  •  It is easier, adaptable and more robust than Java and even a common man can easily understand it.
  •  It is faster than Java.
  •  Only a text editor is sufficient to work with JavaScript.

Disadvantages of JavaScript over Java

  •  JavaScript is less flexible than Java.
  •  Different browsers need different versions of JavaScript.
  •  JavaScript is less secure than Java.
  •  Due to the absence of a compiler in JavaScript, you do not know your mistakes while writing.
  •  JavaScript is a loosely typed language so it does not provide type safety.
  •  It does not have a standard way of writing it.

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