Artificial Intelligence has covered a huge number of steps and playing a crucial role in our daily activity. But now the concern is that Artificial Intelligence can recognize human emotions, as the human does. Predicting and understanding human emotions has always been difficult to understand. Many times, the human cannot even explain his or her emotions and what they feel and how they feel.

To express emotions and feelings, human use a lot of non-verbal ways, like Facial Expressions, Gesture, Body Language, Tone of Voice, and many other ways are used to communicate our emotions. As with the technology advancement, the algorithms have been designed to detect complex face expression and analyze various facial expressions and emotions.

Emotion Recognition through Artificial Intelligence

A.  Emotion Detection through Speech

The emotion detection through speech is to analyze how it is said, not what is said. The emotion through speech is recognized by observing changes in speech speed, tone, tempo, quality by the voice of the person and identify the emotions and gender.

The first speech based product is a Cloud-based API, and it analyzes the pre-recorded audio.

B.  Emotion Detection through Face 

The emotion detection through Face is measured by using the Optical Sensor or a standard Webcam. The computer based algorithm identifies the face marks to understand the emotions, like the corners of eyebrows, corners of the mouth, the tip of the nose. These expressions are combined to analyze emotions. Through an algorithm, about 20 different expressions can be analyzed like anger, disgust, happiness, sadness, surprise, and many more.

Emotion Recognition through Artificial Intelligence

By analyzing emotions through Speech and Face, a variety of real-world situations can be handled easily and effectively with Artificial Intelligence.

1. Makes Car Experience Personalized and Safe: With the improvement in technology, the Automobile manufacturers are trying to make care experience more personal and safe for the driver. The detection of facial expression through Artificial Intelligence can analyze the human emotion or driver, and this will help to alert the driver when he feels drowsy. The human emotion affects the driving senses of the driver, so this will help to minimize the number of road accidents due to emotional changes.

Emotion Recognition through Artificial Intelligence

2. Makes Market Research more genuine: The traditional market research involves normal question and answer to know about the customer needs and wants. Stating preferences through verbal methods does not give a clear view of the customers. Whereas, using AI in Market Research will not only marks the customer’s response but also able to note down the persons emotion and feeling about the particular product.

Always, words don’t convey the exact message, and may also require facial expressions and voice tone to analyze the Market Research about the product.

3. Makes Interview Judgement Appropriate: During the Interview, the interaction between the Candidate and the Interviewer causes difficulty in judging the right candidate. Which makes difficult for the interviewer to analyze the determination and dedication of the candidate and he is fit for the job or not. So, the use of Artificial Intelligence to learn about the facial expression and Speech of the candidate which can define his dedication and determination for the respective job.

Using AI in interviews will soon become a good call and a powerful tool for the Interview panel in the recruitment process of the number of candidates.

Detection of Emotions with Artificial Intelligence is a challenging task, yet the technologies are evolving where Machine Learning algorithms are proving a great promising future.

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