Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now becoming a part of life in a direct or indirect way. AI is changing our learning experience and being very helpful in the future. In many ways, our decisions get influenced and change our learning process. Likewise, AI also helps us in the learning process as well as change or learning method and experience. It makes our classroom experience a lot better than the present time.

How AI helpful in Education?

Some of the points which improve our learning experience are:

1. Automates basic activity like grading or making report card: With AI the tedious and time taking method of preparing the grade cards of many students will get solved. It saves the time of teachers and allows to focus on creating new teaching methodology. AI can assess students’ knowledge by analyzing their answer sheets and gives its feedback on each student’s performance. AI can make it quick and create personalized training plans.

2. Supports Teachers: AI as help in preparing grading as well as help teachers in teaching students. AI works as a substitute for the teachers in real-world teaching. AI can provide a good and knowledgeable discussion for the students in the class only. AI would be used more to support the best ways of teaching and learning for students which exist already. AI could be more helpful and powerful tool when combined with school or college’s curriculum and programs. Still, no matter what skilled teachers will always be needed for better teaching experiences in the AI age and beyond.

3. Supports Students: As students are using AI to improve their learnings and keeping it as their source of learning. Most importantly, in near future, the students will grow up with an AI companion. These AI works as a tutor and helps students in their learning and other activities. As the sped up change in technology will very soon put advanced teaching system i.e. AI won’t be a long-time dream.

How AI helpful in Education?

4. Can suggest where the course needs improvement: Many times teacher are not aware of gaps between the lectures and the course that can make student confused about that certain topic. For this AI provides a way to solve that problem. AI helps to minimize the gaps that occur in explanation of the course and helps each student to understand the specific task.

Rather than expecting a feedback from the professor or teacher, AI can help the student to learn about the mistake in no time and help them to solve the problems very quickly.

5. Identify Weaknesses of Students: AI helps the teacher to learn about the weakness of every individual student and makes it easy for the teacher to solve every student’s problem. It helps the teacher to understand the problem and aware of what topics need revisions and proper explanation for specific students. The help with AI will make teacher responsible and make them produce their best teaching methodology and effort.

6. Make learning more interesting for students: AI makes teaching as well as learning more interesting and interactive. It makes students get more involved in the learning activity and understand everything that said in the lecture or activity class. Technology, games and interactive sessions make learning more interesting and fruitful for each student and teacher as well. AI helps the student to enhance their skills on their own, without any involvement of teacher or any guidance from anyone.

7. Personalized Learning: Personalized Learning help each student to learn in their own ways. Every student learns things in a different manner and at a different pace. Here, AI helps every individual with the personalized learning experience. AI helps the learner to understand things as the way he understands and grasps the things with what pace. AI can adapt with the individual’s pace of learning and consistently offer specific and difficult task to accelerate the level of learning of the students.

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