Augmented Reality devices are making their place in our day to day requirement. The sunglasses with Augmented Reality is been introduced by the company Bose. It not only works as a sunglass to protect our eyes from harmful radiations of sun but also have a Bluetooth device for hands-free for the user. Bose made the completely new gadget which doesn’t need to get fixed into the user’s ear. It’s been a very subtle step from the Bose towards reality.

Bose Sunglasses with Augmented Reality

Bose introduced the sunglasses are the wearable audio device. Each arm of sunglasses is embedded with the speaker near the ear. Which allow to hear things properly as well as hear the surrounding. The earbuds of normal headphones block the voices of the surrounding. So, people avoid to use it while being on the road whereas this Bose Sunglass will work in multiple ways like, save eyes from harmful sun rays as well as can make calls and hear music from their sunglasses without the need of earplugs. The audio and AR technology will make the gaming experience much more good and minimize the disturbance occurred to others.

The microphone is embedded near the temple of the right arm and a multi-function button. The microphone allows to make a better calling experience, as well as the user, can talk to Siri or the Google Assistance. And the multi-function button allows to receive and dis-connect call, manage the volume level of audio calls as well as of the music player. In reality, Bose just combined the headphones and glasses but also introduced a few smart features in this process. The glasses are 3D-printed prototypes but are very light and comfortable to wear.

The Augmented Reality technology works with a nine-axis IMU Sensor, in combination with the user’s phone’s GPS, which locates exactly what direction the user is looking in. Talking about its battery backup, the onboard battery lasts for approx. 3.5 hours in a charge and having a 12 hour of standby time. Recharging the device takes about two hours by using a pogo-pin cable.

Bose Sunglasses with Augmented Reality

This Bose sunglasses are different from the devices like Google Glass or the Vuzix Blades, as they are having an embedded display or screen over an eye. Bose Sunglasses are available in two different styles i.e. Round and Square. Both styles will also support lenses that can block out 99% of the UVA and UVB Rays. The smart sunglasses not only make you hands-free but also ear-free from putting the earbuds inside the ear and causes pain after a while.

This smart sunglasses embedded with Augmented Reality Technology will be available in U.S. markets by the next year of January and will cost the customer an amount of $199.95. The frames and glasses of sunglasses are scratch proof and shatter resistant, and weight only 45 grams.

It would be interesting to the demand in market and users response over it because the price is really very high for a new and unproven technology like this. It will be a first of its type in the market.

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