Every time Apple Corporation announce to launch a new device this corporation also introduces a new system on a chip too. This time Apple did the same as this high rated device delivering company came up with the lightning fast A 11 Bionic chip.

All you need to know about the lightening fast A 11 Bionic chip

iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X launched in between September to November are been loaded up with A 11 Bionic chip.

Talking about few comparisons which were done between Qualcomm and A11 bionic processor and results were no exciting as just like always apple processors has considered edge ahead than other processors.

What’s special with A 11 Bionic?

A 11 Bionic processors which is been used in the latest models of Apple devices is one of the most sophisticated processors which give a lighting fast experience while using your device.Playing high-end games, or surfing over multitasking your device never gets affected.

All you need to know about the lightening fast A 11 Bionic chip

Apple Corporation has designed the processor which uses ARM’S 64-bit architecture which is the same underlying architecture which is there In Qualcomm, Samsung, and Huawei. However, Apple has an architectural license that allows it to design its own chips.  

This chip consists of two high-end cores which boost the performance by 25% as compared to the previous A10 chip and are up to 70% energy efficient.

Face recognizing technology

One of the most high-end features in the new iPhone X is the X face id a facial recognition technology which allows you to unlock your handset.

All you need to know about the lightening fast A 11 Bionic chip

"Phil Schiller" who is Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing said that A 11 bionic chips are the major reasons because of which this amazing piece of security has been developed.As the dual-core neural engine chip initiates the A 11 Bionic powers do accurate mapping and recognize the face in a split of seconds. 

Enhanced image capturing

iPhone X has taken Photography to a whole new different level all thanks to the A 11 Bionic once again.

All you need to know about the lightening fast A 11 Bionic chip

The CPU embedded in the processor observes the surroundings and background of a particular scenario when you are busy capturing pictures.  

In Animoji

At the event, Apple conjointly declared Animoji that makes use of the TrueDepth camera on the front-facing aspect to trace over fifty muscle movements on the face to mimic those expressions in emoticons.

All you need to know about the lightening fast A 11 Bionic chip

The corporate same these process and capabilities are attainable thanks to the A11 Bionic SoC and its neural engine chip.

All process on the device

The neural engine on the A11 Bionic chip will handle 600 billion operations per second. This can be essential for Apple that is reluctant to use any cloud process power.

The corporate does not need any kind of info to be sent to its servers for the process. Everything the A11 Bionic chip will happen regionally on the device, which might be music to the ears of consumers who have queries regarding privacy.

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