Bluetooth technology is again on the buzz after a long period, being one of the technologies which we started taking for granted is now back with the new version “Bluetooth 5” and it’s faster than ever before.

All you need to know about Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth technology introduced in 1990 was one of the most integral wireless technology for almost all gadget which we use in our routine life such as smartphones, speakers, laptops, desktop, tablet etc.  

In the previous summer, Bluetooth Interest Group announced “Bluetooth 5” and after its new specification top brands launched their new handsets along with this feature.

All you need to know about Bluetooth 5

In September Samsung launched its Galaxy S8 and S8 edge models along which featured Bluetooth 5 and similar to this Apple launched its iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X model along with Bluetooth 5.

Setting the stage for the future

Bluetooth is exclusive in its omnipresence No alternative wireless technology will match the install base of Bluetooth technology, with a run over ten billion devices.

All you need to know about Bluetooth 5

This technology has come with the updates that facilitate scale back potential interference with alternative wireless technologies to make sure Bluetooth devices will be inside the progressively advanced international IoT setting.

What’s special in Bluetooth 5?

 As now we are surrounded by so many application through which we can easily share files and documents with other devices with great speed.

As the older versions of Bluetooth really sucked at a time we have to share a bigger file and we generally preferred other application to transfer files of huge size. Bluetooth was been only preferred for tethering and playing music.

All you need to know about Bluetooth 5

But now with the Bluetooth 5, the query has been resolved as the transmission been doubled up as previously the packet of data was sent in the typical time of 2110 microseconds and now the similar data is been sent within half of the time which is 1060 microseconds. So in simple terms, it is 1.7 times faster than BLE 4.2


Not only the mobile devices, Bluetooth 5 now available with a lot of Bluetooth devices such as TrebLab xr500, Nebula capsule speakers, Jbl flip 4 etc.

All you need to know about Bluetooth 5

So you are free to experience Bluetooth 5 connectivity by purchasing these devices too.

Simple and secure connectivity

This technology is steadily revolutionizing the way people thought of Bluetooth earlier as its delivering relevant IoT( Internet of Things) connection and mobilizing the opting of beacons which are leading towards a decrease in the linking and connection obstacles and also enabling a boundless IoT experiences.

All new changes are apparently possible because of the increase in the speed of Bluetooth 5 and it will help the next generation of Bluetooth spectrum will provide us relevant IoT and will lead us in making building, outdoor and full home.

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