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How is Guest Blogging a smart idea for Content and SEO?

How is Guest Blogging a smart idea for Content and SEO?

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All tech-savvy bloggers are familiar with Guest Blogging and content writing. It is a really productive way to grow your audience by the right lineage of blogging.

Guest blogging often goes for the process where a writer writes blogs, articles, and posts for another blog that they don’t own. They are called guest bloggers. They are keen on writing informative content for their audience. In fact, this is a great form of inbound marketing. How? Because writing has evolved to be a really large business and every day there are over 2.3 billion blogs that go live. Hence, not everyone has the time or access to information for keeping their audience up to date. So, they choose guest bloggers to post on their websites. Also, blogs from multiple writers are given credibility among readers.

So, inbound marketing tactics include guest blogging with them. They help the content writer get traffic, links, leads, and sales altogether. Thus, it is a great way to generate revenue.

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How Guest Blogging is a smart idea for Content and SEO?

When a writer is already working hard on his website, he may sometimes overlook the fact of providing the audience with fresh & relatable content. He often has to keep other things in mind, like analyzing the leads and sales, ROI, UI/UX outcome, and much more. During this time, guest bloggers can prove to be of great help. They provide the host with consistent & fresh content. This content will help to retain the audience and in turn, they would also get backlinks, traffic, etc. back to their blog.

Guest blogging is the heartbeat of all digital businesses as it forms a symbiotic relationship between the host and the author.

But an important point to keep in mind is, content creation & curation don’t happen overnight. Some guest bloggers may probably fail at some point in time because they don’t do it the right way. Content marketing is a slow process and it takes time to deliver results. Thus, if you enter into the domain of guest blogging, you should keep consistency for years to see the ripened fruits in the form of steady traffic.

These days, all the emerging startups, digital marketing firms, and others are in love with guest blogging. They hire guest bloggers to spread their business instead of traditional marketers. It is a great inbound marketing strategy if you know your goal. There is no shortcut to guest blogging & it is no quick way of gaining search rankings.

It can help you achieve more than just traffic, links, and brand visibility. It is a great SEO technique too. Most bloggers try to write with the motive of getting visible or rank higher on search engines. If they continue doing guest blogging here & there, for top sites, their rankings can really improve through backlinks. But the only key is, to be consistent. Guest blogging generates huge revenue and leads for your firm.

People often think why they should bother posting on alien blogs when they can yield that much time on their own blog. But once they see the benefits of guest blogging, they know that it has symbiotic outcomes:

How Guest Blogging is a smart idea for Content and SEO?

It doesn’t matter whether your business is an established one or a startup. What you need is, great content to build prospects and give perspective to your audience. That’s how you would build more trust. 

Before Guest Blogging…

Guest posting is a long way to go because as already mentioned it needs to be consistent for years. So, before diving into that you should know that audience will land back on your page/website through your guest posts. Thus, you must ensure to create a beautiful first impression. How to do that?

• Set up a genuine blog- the first step is to design a fully professional blog. If you’re not a designer, then take the help of professional tools that are available. Or you can alternatively start by blogging on the best blogging sites. Sites such as these help the writers form a career. Write long blog posts, as long-form content creation is just extremely helpful.

Create an amazing professional homepage, portfolio, and contacts page. Go about checking the loading and user interface of your website. Faster page loading can retain visitors.

And lastly, don’t forget to define your niche about what you are doing online. In fact, try to mention it on the first page of your website itself.

• Network building- social media is the greatest ever boon for your brand outreach. More and more people are joining social media daily and this helps in gaining potential traffic for your blog. Thus, maintain your visibility & promote your blog on social media too.

Create your profiles on the platforms that are the most relevant to you. This will not only define your brand but also help you in communicating with your audience.

• Analyze your ROI- there is no use in putting efforts without gaining any results. And how will you do that? This is not an ancient world where you cannot monitor your results after advertising. You can very well do that by keeping an eye on the analysis and how much return you gain in the form of revenue. You can look forward to seeking the impact your guest post has on the audience. 

Hop on to know the benefits, steps, and tips on how to actually start guest blogging!

It is important to define your blogging goals beforehand only. Why did you decide to write for other websites? Your goals could be:

1. To provide valuable information to the audience

2. To build a network of relationships

3. To generate sales or leads

4. To drive traffic & generate revenue

5. To get backlinks from well-established brands

6. To get brand outreach.

Whatever goals you choose, you need to make sure to be authentic in your content. Readers admire the writers with a unique style of writing. After conducting thorough research, go for the best guest blogging services only, that are genuine.

Remember that you need to install some aspects for authentic and genuine blog posts:

  1.  Is your guest post for SEO purposes? Then you need to find the industry with the same niche. Your main focus should be to build domain authority, achieve ranks and gain traffic through backlinking. Thus, identify it as early as possible to avoid later confusion.
  2. Be unique- being authentic & unique is another strategy to achieve desirable results. You need to gauge your host’s audience too and observe what they want. Try to interact with them through feedbacks and comments. Engage your social handles with the blog post. Above all, try to deliver your best in whatever they want. If the audience doesn’t suit your niche, don’t go there. But always be ready to expand your horizon.
  3. Create content that is link-worthy- take your time, spend hours jotting down your points, and finally create content that is desirable enough to be given backlinks, shares, and brand outreach. Always pay attention to the type of keywords you are using- do they go with your business? Have you analyzed what your competitors are up to?
  4.  Include feedback and actionable posts- there is no meaning in writing guest posts if you don’t get back traffic. Hence, indulge with the audience in a deeper sense through comments and feedback. They should feel like landing on your page through the backlinks. Inform them about your work and services by engaging.

How Guest Blogging is a smart idea for Content and SEO?

When you select the guest posting offer do you check out these criteria?

Whatever guest posting service you select should tick off your checklist of criteria too. You must research for questions like:

  1. Do they have a strong social media presence? Are they active on their social handles?
  2. Is their audience connected to your niche as well?
  3. Are they a genuine blog of high DA/PA?
  4. Is their brand compatible with your brand as well?
  5. Are they trustworthy in giving you backlinks and shares?

Settle for guest posting only after considering these points. Your host must be as interested in the guest posting offer as you. And don’t expect your first guest post to skyrocket and break every ceiling. Be ready to accept rejection, failure, and delay as well.

Guest blogging is an overtly time-taking but duly rewarding activity. It requires time, effort, patience, and rich-quality writing skills. A firm approach and a genuine post is what it takes to succeed at one website.

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