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Why SEO plays an important role in content writing?

Why SEO plays an important role in content writing?

Anonymous User 380 03-Sep-2021

Creating content is an art and curating it is also an artist’s job! With this line, let me tell you the secret of creating great content.

What content writing really is? Content writing is generally used in major internet services today. Everything that goes online requires the work of great quality content behind it. Like many software development companies require the creation of content for advertising their products. Similarly, digital marketing is an important aspect where content plays a part. A similar situation goes for digital marketing companies. Read: The new-age demand: Digital Marketing, to understand about it.

Content writing is not just limited to blogging, but it finds its path in numerous other domains too. Like:

  • Articles
  • Product descriptions
  • Website content
  • Email newsletters
  • Mobile app content
  • Advertisements
  • Video scripts
  • White paper writing, and much more

The above-mentioned formats are used by Content writers to display their talent and assist the consumers in forming a mutual relationship with the marketers. 

However, content writing couldn’t give monetary gains if not done properly. For this purpose, an important tool is used, called SEO. The companies delivering the best SEO service are deployed in generating ranks for the content. Without the use of SEO techniques, content writing cannot flourish. 

Why SEO plays an important role in content writing?

What SEO really is? Search Engine Optimization is the combination of techniques that are used to gain organic traffic and ranks in the search engines. The main use of SEO is making helping in the crawling and indexing process. All the search engines nearly have the same motto: to give the best user experience UX to the consumers. For this purpose, they do crawling and index the most relevant and high-quality content. This content is then ranked in search engines accordingly, which gives popularity to the user. SEO is the best technique for getting organic traffic. By this, I mean that you don’t have to pay for traffic on your content, you do it naturally.

Following are some steps, which combined into one, could lead you to write SEO-friendly content every time:

  • Know what you are creating and what your intentions behind it are. Sometimes, people create content for their own amusement and leisure activity. But when you write content for a website, company, or organization it needs to be up to the mark. Also, it needs to be well-equipped with SEO techniques too.
  • Know what your audience interests are. You don’t need to go and ask every single person, but just do a simple trending search for your viewership. For this, you can use Google Alerts. It helps to generate alerts for the most trending content around your topic.

  • Also, you need to check the most relevant keywords. Keywords could be short or long-tail. But the main thing is, they need to be used to rank the content higher on the website. They are important SEO tools that help in getting monetary gains.

  • You need to add backlinks and tags for your content. This will drive organic referral traffic, when they read the content, to your website. Generating backlinks is an important concept of getting traffic. Also, using relevant tags helps in forming a reach to world-class content.

  • The keywords should be plugged into the right places in order to keep the content-rich in quality. If you create clickbait, there are chances that your content might get censored for spreading wrong information.

  • The responsibility doesn’t stop here. After you have created rich quality content and posted it, you need to be frequently updated for the outcome. For this, you can use tools like Google Analytics to keep an eye on the traffic and ranking of your content.

Apart from involving SEO techniques in your content, you need to polish your writing skills too. For this purpose, you can use tools like Grammarly, Plagiarism Checker, and others. They not only help in increasing your vocabulary but also add richness to your content.

Working as a content writer:

If you seriously want to pursue the skill of creating content for your website, you can do freelancing at your own blog. Blogging is a great way to start a content writing career. You will get monetary benefit once your website takes off.

Apart from this, you can seek employment in the companies which offer content writing services. There you can work as a full-time content writer and earn a salary.

Also, as a freelancer, you have the chance of using the opportunity of outsourcing to kick-start your career. See how: Get started with Content Writing.

Why SEO plays an important role in content writing?

Closing thoughts:

Before starting anything, know that it requires time and patience. You need to do a lot of research and planning before content writing. After that, you need to be super-patient for your website to take off and give you monetary gains. Things don’t happen overnight.

If you plan on writing anyway, you cannot just start like that. There has to be thorough research, which will pay the best outcome in long term.

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