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A 10-minute Guide to Guest Blogging

A 10-minute Guide to Guest Blogging

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Guest posting/ guest blogging is about publishing your articles, posts, blogs, or write-ups to someone else’s website. Basically, it means contributing your article to someone else. The writers’ community does it for a lot of reasons and causes. But first, let us understand why should you put your time & effort into writing for someone else?

Okay! So maybe you are thinking in an aforementioned way but the reality doesn’t break down like that. As I mentioned above, people do it for a lot of reasons. The most prominent among them are for gaining referral traffic on their own website. How is that possible? Here’s how:

A 10-minute Guide to Guest Blogging

A new user base is established for you in a completely alien website if you contribute a guest article. Guest posting is worth it for B2B businesses because it generates a huge amount of money for the author. He gets authority, name, and business for himself in his niche.

A significant point about guest posting is that you don’t build a business for yourself by backlinking and traffic. Instead, you build an authority in your domain, your space. Establishing this authority could help in the long run. It could generate revenue for your business.

Getting started with Guest Blogging:

The first thing you should do is choose how to do guest blogging. It is essential to know that guest blogging is beneficial for both the author and the host. 

A 10-minute Guide to Guest Blogging


This established authority could be broken down into a number of other major benefits for the writer:

  • Gets their name established as an authority
  • Builds backlinks and boosts SEO
  • Referral traffic is gained
  • Organic ranking is gained in search engines
  • Builds relationships with other paramount personalities
  • Builds awareness about the brand.

Being a blogger could be tremendously influential in this internet arena. Everyone has their social media handles attached to their website and this helps in building great professional relationships. By doing long-term guest blogging you could make influential blogger friends. This will not only increase your social media dominance but would also lead to more subscribers for your website.

By generating backlinks you increase your search engine rank over time. It would make your content easier to find via search engines. Plus, if your blogs are everywhere in prominent places you would also be able to rank organically high. But note that this doesn’t happen overnight as link-building and blogging take time.

As a guest blogger, you enter into a completely alien and already established community of writers. You may also see how they create their content, what is the requirements of their audience, which types of SEO tools do they use, and all this information could benefit them in the future. By posting your guest post on the host website, you also enter into a domain of relationship with their audience. You take care of what they like and create content accordingly. By doing this, you gain a lot of referral traffic for your own website.

Guest posting can give you 5 times better outcome than what you get by simple blogging on your own website.

Why does guest posting matter?

Guest posting could generate abundant revenue than what you could get by creating content for your own website. Content creation is good, but as a writer, you should also focus on posting your content on various other platforms too. If you diversify your niche and your platform reach, your brand outreach would automatically increase. And in turn, your authority would be established over the domain.

To get strategies about Guest Posting, jump here!

As a writer, it would be great if you get your posts published in the news, magazines, and other websites too. The main concern is not about backlinks or traffic, but the amount of revenue you would generate. The only condition for this is, you need to be appealing, authentic, and unique in your content strategies. Refer to the best guest posting services for your ambition. 

A 10-minute Guide to Guest Blogging

Being a host for Guest Blogging:

 As mentioned earlier, guest blogging is as important for the host as it is for the writer. On one hand, it helps to generate leads for the writer, while on the other hand, it establishes a good relationship between the host and the writer.

Accepting guest posts from budding and established writers is a great way to serve your audience. Think about it, your readers would get to read more freshly brewed content and this, in turn, would establish their trust in your website. It can also help in audience retention. They will never get used to or bored of visiting your site as you would have fresh content flowing in, consistently.

As it does for the author, guest posting also generates revenue for the host. It increases the domain authority and in turn, gets huge amounts of success for your website.
You get to know your writers’ audience too. With the help of proper SEO tools and techniques, you may establish the relationship between their audiences also, which would help in the long term.

Be thankful to the writers who contribute their efforts to guest post on your website. Do not forget to give them updates, include their social handles in your socials and be responsive.

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