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Tips on Guest Posting

Tips on Guest Posting

Anonymous User 560 13-Aug-2021

For every blogger or writer, it is essential that their posts are essentially viewed and appreciated. Regardless of any field, everybody likes profit- practically. So in the domain of blogging, this profit is earned in various ways.

Guest posting is one of them. It means posting your article on someone else’s website.

Whenever bloggers stand in a community, they are driven by the ideas and creativity their co-bloggers have. It is correctly said, “Nothing can inspire a writer more than a generous innovation”. It is true. Writers get inspired by a variety of things, not needed to be discussed. But the connecting dot behind it is innovation.

Guest posting is somewhat similar to this thought, but a bit more practical. It helps the writer gain traffic, perception, and sometimes profits too. In this article, we will discuss how these goals could be achieved.

But first, let us discuss the benefits of guest blogging.


  • Guest blogging is used to build authoritative backlinks. You’re not stealing, you’re not paying for it. You simply post your informative article on another website & gain backlinks from it
  • Due to the above benefit, people start to know your brand. Think about it…you build your brand just by using your skill: writing.
  • Generation of referral traffic is also the reason why guest posting is done. This is the biggest benefit of the concept. Referral traffic is the term given to the audience which comes to your personal blog after reading your guest post. So make sure to keep it friendly & appealing.
  • The growth of leads is also seen in your social media handles, website, and other places. This helps in your brand outreach.
  • New relations are built that serve as great professional profits. You get to know people in your industry as well as from other diverse industries.
  • Improvement in SEO is another great benefit added to it. As your post gets shared among users of various channels, your SEO ranking improves.

So, whoever told you that blogging does not get recognized enough, tell them that it is not true. There is as much recognition in blogging as in any other field. The key is to choose authentic methods.

On the way to becoming a guest blogger: 

1. Set goals that are achievable

It is essential to know how much you can achieve. Set your goals according to that, and imply something which you can measure.

Goals could be related to your website performance like getting referral traffic, improving visibility, etc. Determine your targets beforehand and never look back. You must maintain your efforts in the right direction once you set goals. You should be practical about setting a goal so that it could be smart. The qualities of a smart goal are:

Tips on Guest Posting

2. Check out the websites for guest posting

After your main aim has been set, you carry on to the next important step, i.e. making a list of all the sites that offer guest blogging. This step requires precision and a keen eye, so don’t make any mistakes regarding the research you conduct. It has to be thorough and well-planned. Instead of focusing on the publication, focus on the content. You have to deliver your message according to the publisher’s view & what suits the audience.

Conduct research on the best guest posting services across search engines. List out some sites according to your needs and their viewership. This process is going to take time and length so be patient. Look out for the SEO practices they use and their search engine rank.

3. Choose a relevant topic

After you have listed down the websites for guest posting it’s time to choose a topic that is relevant enough to suit your needs. By this I mean, suit the requirements that are essential to growing your brand. You must know that you’re not going to post the way you want.

After you’ve made the list of websites, explore them. Find out the kind of content they post & the audience that reads it. Then correlate it with your niche and find something which lies in between.

For example, you are great at finance & budgeting, and the blog you selected has an audience reading about the share market. Then find a middle ground to settle. In this case, you could post something about How to plan your finances for investing smartly in the share market.

This job is undoubtedly hectic but stay positive and practice creation every day. Always remember, the mood and tone of your guest blog define you. The goal is to post an informative post about the topic and engage the audience. Don’t indulge in spammy ways to generate backlinks. Do your task wholeheartedly, traffic will automatically be generated.

4. Pitch your idea

Now when you have content ready at hand, it’s time to pitch in the post to the appropriate website. You must be wondering how to approach an alien blogger and ask him to accept my post. Well, it’s quite easy.

There are certain opportunities to grab as the situation arises. So, the best time to ask someone for guest blogging is:

  • When another blogger mentions your website on his social handle.
  • When there is a special advertisement about accepting guest post offers.

Tips on Guest Posting

Apart from these, you can willingly send your guest post according to your time. How? See you had already listed the best websites for guest posting and blogging and framed your content around them. So now go ahead and read the guidelines provided by them for a guest post.

Prepare a personalized email to pitch your content. Don’t get too desperate to start off by directly jumping into your aim. Since you had conducted research about them beforehand, now is the time to use that information. Acknowledge the efforts that they make for their blog and praise them. This will develop good professional relations for the long term.

Mention your reason and the idea for guest posting on their website. Send proof if necessary so that they can analyze your writing style. Remember bloggers get a lot of requests daily for guest posting. You don’t have to be another name in their inbox, so make yourself stand out.

5. On-site work

After the host blog agrees to accept your guest post, upload your content there. In some cases, you would be given the authority to upload the content yourself, while in other cases they will do it. DO NOT FORGET TO include proper links and tags as they are an important part of SEO building. Use fresh and authentic content to educate the audience. Once they find satisfaction in your post, they will be driven back to your website to read more.

Also, include the option for leaving feedback. This will help your post get a personalized touch. Make sure the host shares the link of your blog to his social media handles.

Tips on Guest Posting

6. The work isn’t over yet

After you have successfully posted your article on the host website, your work isn’t done. You need to keep a check on the metrics and analyze your content periodically. Check if there are any updates and keep an eye on their social media handles. Meanwhile, build a good professional relationship with other bloggers as well.

Guest blogging is a long journey. So don’t feel demotivated if you face rejection once in a while. Everybody has their own limitations & boundaries among which they work. Don’t judge them for rejecting you because it is nothing to be taken personally.

Keep creating more fresh content and try MIndStick Guest Blogging services as well. 

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