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In business and building, new item advancement (NPD) is the finished procedure of offering another item for sale to the public. New item advancement is depicted in the writing as the change of a business sector opportunity into an item accessible for

By Mark Devid posted   yesterday


The Indian software development industry has been a success since its inception (in 1970’s) due to following reasons:

By Jonas Stuart posted   2 days ago


Technology has advanced and so has the way of utilizing it. Whatever we use these days whether it is Smartphone, tablet, smartwatch etc. cannot work without the concept of cloud computing. The apps that are downloaded on Smartphone or tablet is done

By Royce Roy posted   4 days ago

Software product development-past present & future

Indian Software organisations might have the capacity to make Software answers for customers all the more effectively and rapidly in the event that they fabricate these arrangements around Product they have created.

By Royce Roy posted   5 days ago


Computer implies any electronic attractive, optical or other fast information handling gadget or framework which performs legitimate, math, and memory capacities by controls of electronic, attractive or optical driving forces, and incorporates all da

By Mark Devid posted   5 days ago

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

SDLC stands for Software Development Life Cycle. It is the process to design, develop, test or alter the software products. The international standard followed is ISO/IEC 12207, which defines all the tasks to develop and maintain the software.


According to wildebeest task instigator Richard Stallman has described distributed computing as raising cost and data proprietorship issues. Prophet author Larry Ralph Waldo Ellison saw the pattern to "distributed computing" regarding "design driven

By Elena Glibart posted   5 days ago


India bills for approximately 10% of all expenditure on research and development in Asia and the variety of medical publications grew by using 45% over the last five years. however, according to India's technological know-how and generation minister,

By Allen Scott posted   6 days ago

Why few Mobile Apps fail? : Role of the Developer

Most of the time mobile developer is considered responsible for the failures. Mobile App Developers must take enough care while implementing a mobile application. In particular, engendering an app for an organization’s brand, product or service needs

By Jonas Stuart posted   8 days ago

SWOT Analysis of Indian IT Industry: Strengths

Here we see why Indian IT industry grown so large in such a less time. We enlisted all the points which are strengthening the position of software development in the country.

By Elena Glibart posted   19 days ago

Unified Modeling Language

The Unified Modeling language was developed by Object Management Group in 1997. UML is a language for business analyst, Software architects and it is also used by the developers for describing, specifying, documenting, etc. UML is process independent.

By Jonas Stuart posted   29 days ago


Peachpie is a latest PHP compiler released by Microsoft. It opens the door for PHP developers in the .net development world and vice-versa. However, it is still a concept and under progress.


Registration in PHP

Create registration.php form. In this a form is made which has method “post” and action attribute which will submit your processing page or as I do it in current page. Following is a code for registration.php

By Mark Devid posted   one month ago

Directory Handling in PHP

In this section we will learn how to handle directories or folder. Following are the topics which we will discuss in this section:

By Jonas Stuart posted   one month ago

Traits in PHP

In real life traits are defined as the movement of characteristics from parent to child .In programming terms, trait is used for code re-usability. As we know PHP is a single inheritance programming language which has a limitation of code re-usabilit

By Mark Devid posted   one month ago

Overloading and overriding in PHP

Overloading and overriding method is very useful feature of any object oriented programming language. In this section we will discuss how to implement method overloading and overriding in PHP.

By Andrew Watson posted   one month ago

Inheritance in PHP

Inheritance is the one of the most important concept in object oriented programming. Inheritance is used to share properties and method between the related classes. When a class is derived from another class then the function of a parent class is inh

 PHP PHP  Interface 
By Andrew Watson posted   one month ago

Visibility in PHP

In this article we will focus how to deal with Visibility in PHP. Visibility is a big part in OOP. The concept of visibility is the scope of class members.

By Andrew Watson posted   one month ago

Magic method in PHP

The magic methods are one with special names which are executed in response to some events. These magic methods are predefined function by PHP compiler, starting with two underscore “__”, which indicate methods, which will be triggered by some PHP ev

By Andrew Watson posted   one month ago

Class and Object in PHP

Object and class are key part of object oriented programming in PHP. Let’s understand what are classes and objects.

 PHP PHP  Class 
By Andrew Watson posted   one month ago

Object Oriented Programming

Object oriented programming uses different set of programming language as compared to older procedural programming language(like Pascal, C, etc).OOPS are based on the concept of “objects” , which contains the data, in the form of field which is also

By Andrew Watson posted   one month ago

What is MySQL?

Structured Query Language is used to access database.SQL is an open source programming language that is anyone can use and modify the software.

By Royce Roy posted   one month ago

Form Handling in PHP

Information sent by the user are visible to everyone (all name and values are displayed in the URL). So, GET method cannot be used to send sensitive information (like password).

 PHP PHP  Handler 
By Samuel Fernandes posted   one month ago

Loop in PHP

Loop is used when we want to execute a same code for several times. In PHP we have 4 types of loop:

 PHP PHP  Loop 
By Samuel Fernandes posted   one month ago

How to access data in MVC using Entity framework

Open visual studio create new project and click Asp.Net MVC 4 Web application and give a name as MVCDemo

By marcel ethan posted   one month ago

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