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Sample on Hiding Keyboard in iOS

In this article we will learn how to hide the keyboard after finishing the text input.

By Tarun Kumar posted   2 days ago


The Digital Revolution, called the Third inventive change, is that the modification from basic, mechanical, and electronic development to automated advancement that began wherever from the late Fifties to the late Seventies with the appointment.

By Jonas Stuart posted   9 days ago


In this article, I want to explain about SQL Keys such as PRIMARY KEY, FOREIGN KEY, COMPOSITE KEY, and UNIQUE KEY AND ALTERNATE KEY.

By Anupam Mishra posted   12 days ago

Concurrent Collections in C#

Traditional collection classes are using with a lock, but concurrent collection classes are lock free. So, it will often use in parallel programming for performance concern.

 C# C#  .NET 
By Anupam Mishra posted   20 days ago

Non-Blocking Synchronization in C#

The .NET frameworks introduced ‘Non-Blocking Synchronization’ for highly concurrent and performance critical scenarios. It constructs to perform operations without ever blocking, pausing or waiting.

By Anupam Mishra posted   28 days ago

Synchronization in C#

In a multithreaded environment, each thread has its own local thread stack and registers. If multiple threads access the same resource for read and write, this will cause a resource conflict and the value may be changed unexpectedly.

By Anupam Mishra posted   one month ago

Task Parallel Library (Task Parallelism) in C#

The Task Parallel Library is a basic concept of a task (i.e. a unit of work ), which represents an asynchronous operation. The term “Task parallelism” refers to one or more independent asynchronous tasks running concurrently i.e. in parallel.

By Anupam Mishra posted   one month ago

Android Material Tab with Swipe View example

Android Material design is developed by google which functionality available in Android 5.0 (API Level 21) and above. Android Material design can be used in from Android 2.1 version with the v7 appcompat library.

By Manoj Pandey posted   one month ago

Parallel Programming in C#

We are working on multiprocessor of many years. However, many developers are creating single-threaded programs, they are not taking advantages of all the extra processing power. To remedy this, used Parallel Programming.

 C# C#  Thread  Threading 
By Anupam Mishra posted   one month ago

Multithreading with the BackgroundWorker Component in ASP .NET

The BackgroundWorker class allows you to run an operation on a separate, dedicated thread when you want a responsive UI and you are facing long delays associated with such operations, the BackgroundWorker class provides a convenient solution.

By Anupam Mishra posted   one month ago

General naming convention in C#

This section describes general naming conventions that related to word choice, guidelines on using abbreviations and acronyms, and recommendations on how to avoid using language-specific names and a class structure in our program.

 C# C# 
By Anupam Mishra posted   one month ago

Stack Class in C#

The Stack class represents a Last-in- First –Out (LIFO) stack of objects.

 C# C#  Collection 
By Anupam Mishra posted   one month ago

SortedList in C#

The SortedList offer more flexibility by allowing access to the variables either through the associated keys or through the indexes.

 C# C#  Collection 
By Anupam Mishra posted   one month ago

Hashtable Class in C#

Hashtable optimizes lookups with the help of keys.

 C# C#  Collection 
By Anupam Mishra posted   one month ago


Programming instruments are likewise programming as projects or applications that product designers (otherwise called developers, coders, programmers or programming engineers).

By David Miller posted   one month ago

ArrayList class in C#

The ArrayList class can store heterogeneous collections of objects unlike array which store homogeneous collection of data.

 C# C#  Collection 
By Anupam Mishra posted   one month ago


Innovative work (R&D), likewise referred to in Europe as exploration and specialized (or technological) development (RTD), is a general term for exercises regarding corporate or legislative development.

By Simons Hood posted   one month ago


A mobile app is a pc application designed to run on cellular gadgets inclusive of smartphones and pill computer systems. Most such devices are sold with numerous apps bundled as pre-established software, along with an internet browser, e mail purchas

By zack mathews posted   one month ago


The software system producing sector cannot develop on its own while not masterful labour force and during this context it's encouraging to notice the government’s initiatives for ability development.

By Ailsa Singh posted   one month ago

Collection in C#

Collection is an enhancement of array. If you want to create and manage a groups of related objects, use collection.

 C# C#  Collection 
By Anupam Mishra posted   one month ago

Using Generics in C#

In C#, Generics are allows you to write a class or method that can work with any data type.

 C# C#  Generics 
By Anupam Mishra posted   one month ago

Multi-threading in C#

In this article we have discussing about multi-threading,its method and its priorities.

By Anupam Mishra posted   one month ago


The Platform is employed by DESIGNERS & DEVELOPERS to jot down, deploy and manage still as articulate (introduction of special options from time to time) the mobile applications for native and net channels (also referred to as multi-channel applicati

By zack mathews posted   one month ago

Accessing Properties of Photo Library using ALAssetsLibrary in iOS-6

In this article we will see how we can access images and videos programmatically using ALAssetsLibrary.

By Tarun Kumar posted   one month ago

Delegate and Events in C#

An event is a way for a class to provide notifications to clients of that class when something happens to an object. An Events are declaring using by delegates. Delegate methods should be called when the event occurs.

 C# C# 
By Anupam Mishra posted   one month ago

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