A framework can be highly productive for all the developers who wish to build a structured, compliant and efficient web app without spending much time. In the present time, the developers have many frameworks to choose from irrespective of the language.

In the midst of all these options, the Yii framework is one of the best open-source and result oriented frameworks to depend upon. It is designed to provide an enhanced developing experience. Although Yii may not be so popular but it is one of the most promising options that are accessible to the developers. Many credible companies have started offering Yii development services at the present time.

In this article, we will discuss some of the pros and cons of the Yii framework to understand more about its intricacies. Go through them one by one to gain better clarity:


  1. Yii is without any doubt one of the fastest frameworks that can be used for building web2.0 applications. It is used to get an optimized development experience and it can be easily used by the developers for designing any kind of web application. It is highly suitable for the development of forums, web portals, content management systems, e-commerce projects, etc.
  2. The MVC architecture that is included in Yii assists the PHP developers in creating a technically smart application. This further assists in keeping the server database isolated from the view only state and renders it to be cleaner and much more effective. The controller that is instilled in this framework helps in managing different libraries and packages at the time of development. The entire system works as an object in which a little change in the codebase changes the complete code. Therefore, this functionality makes a systematic development process possible.
  3. One of the major advantages of Yii framework is that it provides exceptional security as it is integrated with a model view controller structure. The websites dealing with extremely sensitive information. For this reason, it is necessary to ensure security. Yii comes embedded with security features like cross-site scripting prevention, cross-site request forgery prevention, cookies attack prevention, etc. Due to the fact that it is very difficult for web developers to ensure thorough security for app development, this framework comes with great authentication and authority controls. The security features protect and safeguard sensitive data from any outside threats while maintaining user credentials.
  4. Yii framework has very large community assistance. It is an open-source platform that allows the developers to connect with each other, share their constructive suggestions and solve each other’s development problems. This feature makes it one of the most useful e-learning development platforms.
  5. Another reason why web developers like this framework is because it provides clean, component-based and elegant caching support. Yii helps in writing simple, easy and efficient code which works great for all the developers. Also, the caching feature helps in building highly optimized web applications. It is very important for web developers to create a cross-platform website as the maximum amount of internet traffic comes from smart devices. Yii takes care of the same exceptionally and helps in developing a user-friendly and optimized web application.
  6. This framework is full of many attractive themes and designs that assist the developers in developing a uniquely designed website. It has a well-designed controller which helps in linking different libraries and packages that eventually help in decreasing the programming load of the developer.
  7. Yii has a highly rigid and well-planned structure which helps the developers to create a technically sound website. The database servers that are embedded in it can be specifically isolated from the users and assist the developers to create highly effective and clean web applications.
  8. This framework offers the web developers with very neat AJAX helpers in a grid format. Additionally, the CRUD generator uses the Gii. It provides an ActiveRecord for different SQL databases and the smart caching features that support the system with XCache and Memcache.
  9. One of the most important and special advantages of Yii framework is that it empowers the developers to be liberated from repetitive code writing. Other than this, the developers can also be assured of the fact that changes implemented in just one line of the program will be visible throughout the program. These features save a lot of time off and hard work of the developers and help in generating productive results.
  10. It is easy to debug the program code in this framework because it has a very simple format. Some of the additional features like role-based and the built-in user authentication process make the development part much easier and faster.


Although Yii does not have many disadvantages but there are some reasons because of which some developers do not use this framework.

  1. It is highly reliant on the static methods of programming and many web developers are not comfortable with that.
  2. It has a unique design which means it needs greater attention at the time of development. If proper attention is not given at the time of coding then it can lead to many problems as the code becomes too long or oversized.
  3. The Ajax features which are embedded in the system are not so well-drafted or built smartly enough for the developers to experience easy coding.
  4. There is no support for multiple relations or the AR queries in this framework.
  5. This framework is rather difficult for the new developers to get started with. It doesn’t provide enough room for amateurs to experiment. It proves to be challenging for them as it requires more knowledge of the PHP language and great mastery of the programming skills with different add ons.


Given some of the above-mentioned drawbacks of the Yii framework, the advantages outweigh any day. It is a great choice for developing websites with its layered structured design. This framework along with its extensibility has excellent error managing capabilities and security features which make it an excellent choice for developing the e-commerce solutions.

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