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How Web Push Notifications Help In E-Commerce Business

Anne Hadley 647 18-Jul-2019

How Web Push Notifications Help In E-Commerce BusinessWe all are well-aware of mobile push notification for mobile applications, but browser/web push notification brings a whole new concept for your e-Commerce business.  

These push notifications, with one-click subscription, only work on websites and include browsers like chrome, firefox, and safari (and not on applications).

It brings a new level of promotional benefit to your brand and increases the conversion rate on your e-commerce website.

 If web push notifications are used effectively for your e-Commerce business, then it can be a turning point, from the business point of view.

Why Web Push notification is a Must-have 

Web push notifications are sent to the customer’s device, even when the customer is not browsing through the site links. This allows businesses, especially in the marketing sector, to engage the users swiftly and seamlessly, providing them a native web experience.

Here is an insight into various benefits that you can have if you incorporate browser push notifications into your e-Commerce business.

Boost Conversion Rates

One of the toughest challenges in e-commerce business is dealing with abandoned carts. However, all over the world e-Commerce retailers have discovered web push notifications can be handy while dealing with this problem. It enhances conversion rate by engaging, re-engaging and retaining customers on any device

The latest studies have demonstrated that browser push notifications have 50 folds higher conversion rate as against emails.

Moreover, sending an email regarding the abandoned cart can be a long process and often overlooked by the customer. But with the introduction of one-click on web push notifications increases the conversion rates at a significant level.

Single-Click Subscription

It is essential in an e-Commerce business to get in constant touch with customers and their needs. Capturing customers’ email and notify them is one way to do that.

But, people don’t hand out their email address too easily, nowadays. So in a situation like this, web push notifications can be beneficial.

With just a single click, the user will be subscribed to your web communication without giving out emails, or any other personal information that they hesitate to share.

Advertise Your New Arrivals And Sale Offers

Since web push notifications are fast to deliver, you can attract your customers and new insights with sales and discounts on popular items.

New trends always lure people. Through web push notification, you can advertise your new arrivals at the right time to make a difference in your business economy.

Involve customers within seconds

Web push notifications can easily engage users who are offline or busy on some other website.

It is a challenging task to look out for shopping fans in real-time. The higher your real-time reach is, the stronger is your brand, and hence, your business from a marketing perspective.

For example, if you are promoting your brand discounts, festival season sales, and other catchy trades on web push notification, it will have a very high impact on your overall e-Commerce.

No Application Needed

Usually, many e-Commerce websites have their mobile applications to notify customers about offers. Browser push notifications for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, work similarly to mobile push notifications.

So, e-Commerce business owners don’t have to invest time and money on creating any mobile application to expand their business. Simple web push notifications will do the trick.

Also, unlike a mobile application, it doesn’t require user’s personal information which some are too reluctant to share.

A Final Thought

As you have read in the above post, how web push notifications can help you advance your e-Commerce business. By writing a simple push message and send to customers at the right time can be a game changer for your business.

Also, conversion rates can be improved if you incorporate your business with browser push notifications.

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