Many tech business owners panics when it comes to marketing their own company. After all, industries like software development don’t naturally lean towards the realm of creativity and publicity. However, by remaining within the confines of traditional ideas of tech companies and what they represent, you are bound to struggle with your marketing direction. Instead, making the most of the tools at your disposal and thinking outside of the box can help you to create a unique strategy.

A sharp website

The truth is that you simply cannot be a modern tech company with a diabolical website. You want to show customers that you are at the forefront of engineering and software development, and that cannot be done with a clunky homepage. Your website should be slick and running at optimum functionality.

Customized gifts

Clients and customers should be the worlds you revolve around, and so you will have to market to them also. You may feel that you are preaching to the converted, but you shouldn’t assume that your continued custom is a done deal. Therefore, providing them with interesting, customized gifts will create a positive memory that sticks in their head – and you never know who else might see it. Something nostalgic and fun, such as a custom magic 8 ball will sit on their desks and remind them to call you whenever they’re in need of assistance.


If you’re looking to combine smart technology and customer service into one efficient marketing tool, then chatbots are it. These provide an automated way of answering customer’s questions without having to navigate them to a lengthy FAQ page. If you’re skeptical as to whether these provide an effective means of customer service, just remember that social media apps such asFacebook have an automated messaging service for businesses.

Free demo

If it’s possible to offer a free demo version of your services on your website, then this could be a brilliant way of showcasing what you can offer potential customers. Instead of leaving it up to their imagination, a demo will illustrate in real-time what it is your business can truly offer. A marketing strategy that’s interactive is something other businesses might not offer, or have even considered.

Online videos

If you’re struggling to think of how to endear potential customers to a tech company, then video content could be the ideal marketing solution. Videos allow you to explain, simplify, and create a story about your company with engaging ease. This could be the way of transforming your business from just another tech and software company to one that’s approachable, informative, and bursting with personality.

Don’t let the complexity of the services you offer be a barrier to promoting your business. While the tech industry isn’t always glamorous, there are plenty of creative ways of giving your company that stand-out quality, which will help customers be more inclined to gravitate towards your tech business. Try thinking outside the box, and remember to emphasize what makes you unique.

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