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Leveraging IoT Technology to Fortify iOS App Development

Dinesh Dhiman1484 24-May-2019

 In the year 2017, Apple iPhone revolutionized computing. Simply, explore the Apple or Android store, you will find 1000s of applications serving dif

The App stores are allowing the businesses to deliver information and services via an extraordinarily intimate consumer channel. As mobile app features become more utile and intelligent, users could easily do formerly web-based tasks with incorporated mobile capacities.

Why IoT technology?

Recently, the growth of IoT (internet of things) has impacted various digital industries significantly. And, mobile app development is no exception. You can easily achieve seamless interaction and communication at all levels with IoT.

Consider efficiency, safety, better decision making, revenue generation, etc. You can gain everything by the Internet of Things. By 2020, there will be approx. 31 billion IoT enabled devices (as suggested by various experts). It is a huge number to consider.

This ballyhoo is garnering huge attention in the developers’ community as well. Various iPhone app development service providers have already started analyzing the need of integrating IoT and iOS applications while exploring the sync potential.

Leveraging IoT Technology in iOS App Development

Undoubtedly, the IoT mobile application can offer a lot more convenience for users. Let’s go ahead in its advances and gain insights on how IoT can boost your iOS app development process.

- Enhanced level of Personalization

Who doesn’t like the personalized in-app experience? Of course, everyone does.

Just like you put efforts in offering personalization in websites. Similarly, you can easily achieve it in iOS application with internet of things’ prowess.

It is one of the significant advantages of IoT-powered mobile applications. Data generated by IoT can be easily utilized to predict different outcomes. It allows you to analyze consumers’ past behaviors or purchases.

Considering those you can offer more interactive and personalized applications to end users. Additionally, you can render real-time services based on data and location of a specific user to deliver a personalized in-app journey.

- Increased Effectiveness

IoT can easily aid you to multiply Application effectiveness. A core feature of this technology is its capacity to connect and communicate with other devices available. With a single IoT interface, a user can easily interact with multiple devices.

Today’s consumers are technology-driven and are apt with mobile apps or websites. You can easily bore them with a simple app that is not intelligent enough to keep them engaged.

With IoT, you can do this. Its capability to connect on web allows you to design and develop mobile apps with future-proof nature.

- Secure Apps

Mobile Apps are the most preferred mode of communicating, purchasing, and more. With this increased dependence on smartphone, users also become vulnerable to hacks or security breaches.

Whenever you offer an iOS app to a user, it tends to access, store, or manage end users’ sensitive information. And, mobile is more connected to internet thus expose the information to security risks involved.

No matter you utilize wrappers, malware detection, etc. to keep an eye on risks. Still, there are fair chances of breaches that you can combat with IoT.

Multiple entry points and data encryption allow you to provide an extra layer of security with IoT.

- Reduced Development Times

With IoT, you definitely receive an unexpected level of expertise and convenience of mobile app development. Not only business owner but IoT benefits iOS app developers as well.

From the developer end, a lot of time is required to design and develop an app. By facilitating IoT powered tools, they can complete developing apps in lesser time, redeeming developers importantly on attempts concerned.

You can easily contribute this saved time to the quality check or App launch. Besides, they can also deliver engaging and interactive mobile apps that too in lesser time.


The rise of new-age iOS applications is rapidly growing at a progressive pace. Looking at the current market trends, it is not wrong to say that the concept of IoT is changing the way digital devices work and respond to end users.

It is quite fascinating to know all new possibilities unleashing with IoT. But when it comes to development it is not an easy task. You require a thorough technical knowledge to adopt its competence appropriately.

If you have questions or concerns in regards to this article, feel free to ask me.

Updated 24-May-2019
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