Which is better, Jain University or Christ University?

Founded in 1990, Jain University is a deemed university in Karnataka. The university offers an undergraduate program, postgraduate program and doctoral program. Christ University was founded in 1969 and is known to be under the management of priests.

It offers undergraduate, postgraduate, research programs and professional programs. The infrastructure and curriculum of Christ University has been a preference for a number of students. Christ University has a well-maintained academic structure with an organised admission process. It focuses on the development of its students and provides them with a healthy environment for learning. The campus is beautiful with greenery all around and comprises of ventilated and spacious classrooms. Also, it includes ATMs, food courts, sports rooms, well-equipped gyms, conference halls and a library.

In addition, the campus includes undergraduate honours and triple major degree program in the field of English, Psychology, Economics, Journalism Media studies, Political Science, and Business Administration. Over the years, the university has published more than 200 books in Kannada. The purpose of these publications was to introduce the research culture through articles, scientific papers, reports surveys and interviews. The university is home to about 18,000 students and 700 faculty members. Moreover, in 2018, the placement cell set a new record by placing around 700 students. It offers various subjects that are divided into 46 undergraduate programs, 47 master's degree programs, and 21 PhD programs. Christ University has been awarded various prizes and awards namely, Best Institutional Building award by the Urban Arts Commission, and the Best Institutional Garden by the Mysore Society of Horticulture. Christ University is among the first universities in India that is accredited by the NAAC.

Moreover, it offers professional courses in the field of Law, Engineering, Humanities, Social Sciences, Commerce, Business Management, Mass Communication, Computer Application, Hotel Management, Social Work and Tourism.

When it comes to Jain University, It is also approved by the University Grants Commission and has a maintained academic structure. It provides courses for working professionals in the field of Information Technology, Business Administration and Engineering. The admission process of Jain University is through an entrance exam which is conducted by the university itself. It is called the JET entrance test. Also, the accommodation is very well organised for the students. It is listed among the 14 institutes of India that manages placement via Linkedin. Jain University provides scholarship on the basis of merit and reviews by the Jain University Scholarship Committee. The committee is known to approve the selection of the scholarship students. In addition, the university includes a number of colleges and centres namely, School of Commerce Studies, School of Engineering and Technology, Centre for Ancient History and Culture, Centre for Management Studies, as well as International Institute of Aerospace Engineering and Management.

Both universities have individual criteria and curriculum structure. The method of education is different from each other. The faculties of both universities are well known but have a different way of teaching. It will be difficult to choose among both the universities but according to a survey, people are more likely to go for Christ University as their priority is academic structure, specialised courses as well as research programs.

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