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Creating Static Methods in C#

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Static Methods are methods that can be accessed without creating instances of the class. Static methods supply the easy way to call the methods based on the Flexibility in our code.

Static Methods does not require Object:

Static Methods does not require creating instances of the class object. So we don't instantiate

    MyClass obj= new MyClass ();

Creating a static Method:

Creating a static method is as simple as creating a normal method in C#. The only different from a normal method is the word static.

In this example, I have created a new class named StatMethod that defines a new static Method Add.

public static int Add(int val1, int val2)
    return val1 + val2;

The above code defines a static method Add which accpets integer paramters and returns the sum of the Input given.

Calling a static Method:

Since static Methods do not require creating instance of the Class, the static method can be called using the Syntax :

classname.methodname ( )

To call our Add Method in the Class StatMethod,


As this is a static Method,we don't require creating a new object of the class StatMethod and we can call the Method Add straight way.

Static methods provides a way to quick access to the method.

Points to Remember:

A static method does not require creating instances.

Regarding Performance, Static methods are normally faster to invoke on the call stack than instance method

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Creating Static Methods in C#

By John Smith on   4 years ago
Nice Blog...

Creating Static Methods in C#

By Carl Pieterson on   4 years ago
helful blog. Thanks for sharing.

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