Artificial Jewellery

Kanhai Jewels – An Imitation Jewellery Manufacturer, Wholesalers and Suppliers based in Mumbai, India. The range of Kanhai Jewels’ imitation jewelle

Blackjack rules

The Game in General Some people believe that blackjack is a glamorous casino game, intended solely for the wealthy or sophisticated player. That coul

Top Tips for File Handling in C# - Avoid Potential Pitfalls!

An article aimed at programmers who need to use file handling in C, helping to promote good practice, offer some standard solutions and avoid pitfalls.

Difference between executereader and executenonquery in c#

ExecuteNonQuery(): It will work with Action Queries only (Create,Alter,Drop,Insert,Update,Delete). Returns the count of rows affected by the Query.

Conversational Marketing for Small and Medium Businesses

It is no surprise that marketing is one of the most difficult tasks for any business to execute. Moreover, in most cases, small or medium businesses just don’t have the budget to assign to marketing channels.

What are the web security in MVC ?

WebSecurity in MVC:-These are some web-security feature in MVC like as – 1). Authentication and Authorization in MVC. 2). Membership provide

Development an application of Databases Using .NET Framework

Development an application of Databases Using .NET Framework

Well, before going to the topic we should first discuss what is this database programming? It is software that is used for the management of data an

Jagged Arrays in C#

In this post, we will learn about Jagged Arrays in C# with an example. Description A Jagged array is an array of arrays. Jagged Array is also call


Variable is anything which is not consistent. In computer science, a variable is a block of memory where numbers or characters can be stored. Typical

Indexer in C# with example

The indexer is a class property that’s treated an object as an array. Or in other word indexer is a class property that’s access a class or structure in the same way as arrays.