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A Day Without Water

A Day Without Water

HARIDHA P 162 20-Dec-2022

God's greatest gift to humanity is water. We don't think much about the value of water when the supply is normal. It is abused by us. We waste a lot of water instead. But when the faucets are dry, we start to worry a lot. Everything stops working. We are unable to wash, clean, or take baths when there is no water available. We lack access to water and are unable to prepare our meals. Carrying cans and buckets, people sprint to every location in search of water. 

Numerous issues and difficulties arise during a day without water. We only become aware of the value of water after going without it for a day.The earth would be completely empty without water.There wouldn't be any marine life, oceans, rivers, or unquestionably any life at all.Water is essential for the existence of trees and plants. We receive food, luscious fruits, flowers, and timber from them. In actuality, water is an important component that allows us to revel in all natural and synthetic items that use water.

Sustainable Resource:

We are all aware that water may be used to generate energy. The following ways that a lack of water will impact our daily lives:

Production procedures will end:

Water has a plethora of uses and is a renewable natural resource. It is an essential component of the industrial industry. It is employed in the manufacturing operations of households, labs, factories, and other establishments.

Electrical blackout:

Throughout the day, we use power. Electricity is generated using water. High sea tides also generate electricity. Absence of water will have an impact on all electrical gadgets. Living without water will therefore be challenging and complex.

physical strength decline

Our mother Earth is made up of water in around 70% of its total volume.Water's significance is emphasised in these two lines. If there is no water available, physical health will undoubtedly suffer.

No Rain

The ground receives water from rainfall. We like to observe how rainbows arc across the sky. The rainbow is simply a representation of the sun's rays striking water droplets that are present in a cloud. As a result, we would no longer be able to experience the beauty of rainbows and rainfall in a world without water.

Having no fun when travelling:

Our world will resemble a desert if there is no water present. Without the natural features that make our planet beautiful—greenery, rivers, waterfalls, seas, and so on—there won't be any of those things. Visiting tourist attractions won't be enjoyable. Our lives will eventually become monotonous and boring.


We must understand the worth of water if its absence might cause so many problems in our daily lives. Man continually progresses toward a better lifestyle, and as a result, he continually dumps trash into the sea. In the waterways, he frequently dumps dangerous substances. As a result, the water that is readily available gets contaminated. The sins that threaten to undermine the protection of sterile water must be stopped.The only means of ensuring the continued existence of all life on Earth is through it.

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