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Fluoride in your Water: Filtration Guide 2020

Fluoride in your Water: Filtration Guide 2020

Pedro Araez 588 24-Jun-2020

Nobody wants bad tasting water. Not only is this detrimental to our health, but it also affects our overall quality of life. So, many families have invested in getting a home water filter that gives them water free from chemicals, lead, and many contaminants, like fluoride.

WaterFiltersAdvisor published an article of how fluoride has adverse effects on the body, and you need a water filter that is able to remove fluoride. So, how can you get the best to remove fluoride? Well, we have put together important information to help you when purchasing your water filtration system.

Types of Water Filtration Systems

Knowing about the different types will guide you on the right one for your family to improve water quality in your home.

Some of these systems are better than others, but here is a quick overview of what each fluoride water filter is about.

1. Deionization

This system works by promoting ion exchange in water. With this technique, it can remove a lot of electrically charged ions, including fluoride and salts.

However, it doesn't remove living organisms like bacteria and viruses.

2. Reverse Osmosis water filtration

Another water fluoride filter system is reverse osmosis. In reverse osmosis, the water moves through a semipermeable where other contaminants can't pass through.

However, this best reverse osmosis system only blocks those molecules that are bigger than water. Therefore, this doesn't remove chlorine but is still one of the best systems.

3. Mechanical

If you want to remove physical contaminants to improve your water quality, then the mechanical filter system could be just right for you. This water filter removes cysts and sediments thanks to the small holes in the filtration system. They can also be used alongside others. So, if your drinking water contains a lot of dirt and several particles, then you should consider a mechanical filter system.

4. Ozone

Ozone is another system for tap water that kills large microorganisms while leaving behind healthy minerals. It is not as effective as others in removing chemicals, but it still stands out as an excellent water filter.

5. Carbon Block

This is made up of crushed carbon particles that have a large surface area to get rid of contaminants and leave behind only healthy minerals.

6. Water Softeners

This is worth mentioning as it uses exchange technology to remove calcium and magnesium. It is also great at removing fluoride from gallons of water.

Therefore, if your plumbing fixtures usually accumulate a lot of contaminants, including minerals, this system replaces the water with sodium.

Types of Filters

Just as we have discussed the different methods of filtration, here are the common types of filters.

1. Pitcher:

You can consider this one of the best filters if you are looking for an affordable filtration system.

This pitcher filter uses carbon filters to remove odor and contaminants in gallons of water. It also fits comfortably in your refrigerator.

2. Under-Sink:

The Under-Sink fluoride filter is usually installed under your sink, where it is linked directly to your waterline. This will give the best filtered water, though it requires maintenance and could be expensive.

3. On-Counter:

One of the best fluoride water filters is the On-counter filter. This filter is usually placed on the counter where it connects directly to your faucet, which sends the tap water into your home.

Using a switch, you can switch from filtered to unfiltered. This is quite popular as they are hassle-free and give you the best.

4. Faucet-Mounted:

With this type of water filter for removing fluoride, you can filter drinking water easily. It is easy to install and gives you filtered water fast.

Why you Need a Fluoride Water Filter

You need filters because most harmful chemicals like fluoride, lead and chlorine could put you at the risk of various types of cancer.

With these filters or filtered water, you save more money to get clean water than spending on bottled ones

Clean water is a great way to look healthy, as it makes your skin, nails and hair glow

Fluoride water filters give you clean water that can significantly reduce the risk of having congenital disabilities in your home. With fluoride filter water, you don't have to worry about nitrates in your tap water that could affect a fetus negatively

Clean water in your home is healthier for your children and loved ones

When your fluoride filter for water or water filter fluoride s used the right way, it preserves the natural flavor of your food, making it taste better

A glass of clean water every morning improves your digestive system as it is free from all contaminants that could be detrimental to your health.

Most times, fluoride is intentionally added to your water, and since this is not necessary, it becomes a violation of your personal choice. However, you can save yourself the trouble by using those that remove this contaminant, leaving you with safe drinking water.

Drinking filtered water saves you the hassle of being exposed to the risk of Dental Fluorosis where there is too much fluoride in the bone or teeth. While there is a growing number of cases in children, you can ensure your family is safer.

You get the right amount of fluoride when you use mouthwash or brush your teeth. It is quite unnecessary to get it in your drinking water as it could become excessive. A filtration system will remove this contaminant.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, the water we use today is filled with tons of impurities, having been exposed to pollution. The result is that we have a lot of toxic substances, dust, and bacteria in our water.

However, you can keep you and your loved ones safe by installing a water filter that effectively gets rid of these harmful substances. With them, you can enjoy pure drinking water in your home with minimal stress.

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