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Great things we owe to social media

Great things we owe to social media

HARIDHA P718 04-Dec-2022

Nowadays, social media tends to get a lot of criticism, whether it be for being 'anti-social,' causing an increase in mental health issues, or being addicting for kids and teens.

While these are undoubtedly concerns that we should be thinking about and discussing, it's easy to get caught up in the negative that surrounds social media and forget about the positive aspects that it may provide.

Just to give you an example, I'm probably the least organized, haphazard person you've ever met, which makes it easy for me to forget about upcoming events. In fact, if my head weren't screwed on, I might actually lose my head. I no longer have a valid reason to forget about things that are significant to me because of Facebook. If I have an invitation, I always see it when I open the app, and I spend a tonne of time on it.

I think social media doesn't receive enough credit, so here are some awesome things about it!

The world appears smaller as a result.

The ability to power the globe available to you is one great feature of social media networking platforms. There are countless options; perhaps you'd want to join a group that discusses a subject close to your heart; you may occasionally find that these groups are made up of people from a wide variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, and nations.

Social media is so enjoyable because of this, and it may also assist you in educating yourself about the world at large.

No matter where you are in the world, you can send and receive messages in less than a minute. You can also use sites like Facebook and Whatsapp to make video calls, which further enhances the authenticity of the experience. For example, if you have family or friends who live abroad, you may not be able to drop by for a cup of tea.

Making Friends is Simple Thanks to Social Media

I believe that this is social media's most advantageous feature. Socializing has always been a little challenging for me because I tend to be a bit of an introvert, even as a young child. I started to find my voice more when I got into music as a teenager, and as a result, I discovered a new way to connect with people on Facebook.

It didn't take me long to start feeling like a part of a community when I swiftly joined many music groups, both local and distant. I've accepted a lot of gig offers from social media, and I've had a lot of conversations with other musicians who are sharing advice with one another.

We now have permission to be more forthright and honest about our lives thanks to social media. The difficulties that many of us face might be caused by a variety of different causes. The highs and lows, twists and turns, and everything in between, may all be a part of our day-to-day existence. Support groups are a terrific place to go if you feel like opening up about anything that is bothering you. A man in my city decided to start a group during the pandemic so people could reach out to one another and provide support.

As families battled to put food in their refrigerators while they were quarantined due to the coronavirus, this was a fantastic use of social media.

The organization was brimming with people who wanted to go above and beyond to assist those in need, and it was a place that embraced the lonesome and the vulnerable with open arms.

I was really inspired to think about how kind and good-hearted people can be.

Yes, as I stated at the beginning of the blog, we should be concerned about social media addiction and mental health issues, but we also need to recognise the positive changes it has made to our society.

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