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The robots taking over - How AI is Changing Digital Marketing

The robots taking over - How AI is Changing Digital Marketing

HARIDHA P278 15-Nov-2022

What role will AI play in digital marketing now and in the years to come as it begins to permeate other areas of our personal and professional lives?

Marketing with AI

While AI is increasingly influencing business, it is no longer just the stuff of Silicon Valley pipe fantasies. Everywhere, marketers are experimenting with AI to varying degrees, and anyone who has their finger on the future pulse knows that AI will soon influence almost all marketing experts are busy speculating how AI will influence consumer intent, customer relationship marketing, personalization, buying habits, and decisions, to name a few.

AI will have a greater impact on digital marketing than on other types of marketing. But with the right leverage, it can grow into a potent weapon in your toolbox.

Targeted audiences with AI, and optimization

In marketing, optimization has always been 'in.' When large-scale marketing efforts were implemented, strategies were developed to make sure that messages were delivered to the appropriate audience at the appropriate time and place.

This might be as easy as putting up billboards near the residences or workplaces of your target demographic. Or collaborating with companies that already had access to your target market, such as a car insurance company working with a gas station because car owners are their main target demographic.

This differs from AI-powered optimization in that these processes were initially manual and frequently based primarily on intuition.

More precise audience targeting and optimization are made possible by AI technologies. And there are many other technologies available, including large platforms like Facebook, Google Ads, or email marketing as well as smaller businesses that provide insights into influencer marketing choices.

Machine learning

When we think about it, the fact that your information can be delivered to your ideal target audience via a variety of simple online channels is astonishing in and of itself. These technologies also provide us with icy, hard data. often in ways that are simple to understand. As a result, rather than relying just on intuition, new versions of our advertisements or content might be based on facts. Therefore, marketing choices are better informed, and we may approach peak performance through ongoing trial and optimisation.

Of course, things don't stop there! These improvements and new iterations can be made instantly thanks to machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence. To achieve greater conversion rates and ROAS, automated adjustments are made almost constantly rather than through manual intervention. 

Chatbots and AI

Technically, customer experience might better apply to chatbots. Digital marketers should prioritize being able to use chatbots since they are two sides of the same coin.

In addition to generating leads and acquiring data, chatbots and other conversational AI solutions can be helpful for customer service and retention.

With classic chatbots, you can ask pre-programmed queries and receive canned responses from a website or social media page. Even though they are at best unimpressive, AI opens the door to the creation of a lifelike chatbot that can analyze and comprehend your query or comment and provide customized real-time responses.

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