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How to Choose a Binary Options Platform

How to Choose a Binary Options Platform

Systemeblog LTD702 13-Jan-2021

With the financial crisis, many individuals lost money and are now looking for a way to cover their losses. One way to do this is by trading the financial markets. However, that is such a broad term and very doubtful for many. Which market to choose from?

Well, of course, there is no right answer to that question, but there is a sure one. While Forex trading gives you the option of making huge profits, the risk is also very great. Other markets like the Capital Stock Market are too big to start with and harder to understand.

The binary options give operators the ability to know in advance how much they could benefit the best, although we must be aware of the chances of losing at first, as in any business or investment. With Binary Options, there are no big surprises.

Now that we have established that binary options are a good trading method, how do you get started? Like all other types of trading, you will have to choose the platform that best suits all of your trading needs.

The following is a list of features to be aware of on a binary trading platform:

1. Web-based platform: It cannot be denied that there are people who debate this point, but using a platform installed on the computer can cause some problems. If your trading platform is online, it is accessible wherever you are; from a friend's computer, or on the street. If your Binary Options platform requires a download, it will only be tied to that specific team, and managing a single team is never a good option. With the giants of the sector such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and the adoption of the Cloud Computing trend, that is, everything is new to use the Internet, there is no reason why your binary options trading platform should not also make use of this new trend.

2. Minimum returns of 65% to 70%: The way binary options work is for the trader to make a prediction about the direction of the instrument's value on an expiration date. If the prediction is correct, the trader can make a large percentage profit on his trade. However, the exact figures largely depend on the broker or platform you use. It is important to seek returns of at least 65% to 70% of your investment. This means that if you make a call option of $ 100, and in fact the price increases, it reaches $ 170, assuming that the return is 70%.

3. Cashback in "Out of the Money": The downside of binary options is, of course, that the slightest mistake, even a penny is equal to a total loss of your investment. That is unless your platform offers a refund on your investment, in which case most of your investment will be lost, but at least some capital will remain, in most cases up to 15%.

4. Multiple currencies: One of the many advantages of binary options is that you can benefit from different markets, such as currencies or commodities while enjoying very minimal risk. Given the flexibility of the binary options market, it is important to ensure that you get maximum flexibility from your platform as well.

In Forex, for example, it is crucial that your platform support has many currency pairs, especially the largest and most relevant on the market. This is a clear indication of the quality of the platform and its broker and its worldwide presence. A platform with a low number of assets is not a platform that you should use for your binary options trading.

5. Security: This does not apply only to this case, but it is always important that your operating platform is secure. You must be looking for a platform with 128-bit SSL encryption, a market-leading security provider. Again, in addition to the obvious need for security on your trading platform, this is a clear indication of what quality the platform handles.

In conclusion,

Binary options platforms have a lot in common with other Forex trading platforms, but there are also some unique traits that you need to make sure exist on your binary options platform when choosing.

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