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Beginners Guide to Building a PBN in 2020

Beginners Guide to Building a PBN in 2020

Pedro Araez868 06-Nov-2020

If you haven’t heard of a PBN, then now is the time to. A PBN or private blog network at its most basic level is an excellent tool that can help you direct traffic to your money site for the purposes of ranking higher in Google. At this point in time, this may well sound like total gibberish, but don’t worry we’re here to help. Here is your beginner's guide to building a PBN in 2020.

What Is A PBN?

If you have a money site, you want other websites to feed into it. It is this feeding into it that builds backlinks, but the backlinks need to come from authoritative sites. The better the backlinks you have, the better your money site will rank on google, easy right? One thing to be aware of is that this is against googles guidelines, but what they don’t know, can’t hurt. It is also a very common practice with site owners, so don’t feel as though you will be the only one doing this. T-RANKS is an excellent resource to check out

Getting Sites

For a PBN to work, you guessed it, you need more sites. These are known as PBNS or private blog network sites. There are a few ways you can do this, but one of the best ways to do it is to go to an auction. There is a general consensus among people, that the older the site you can buy the better it will be. Google ranks older sites far better than it does newer sites, it is a way of stopping PBNs from becoming established, but thankfully there is a way around it and this is it. Buy up as many as you can within your budget as old as possible. A lot of these will be expiring so you will need to pay for hosting, but the outlay is worth it. Remember, these sites must look independently owned, otherwise, google will stop them from existing.

Setting Them Up

You don’t need to dedicate the same amount of time to developing these sites as you would have done your money site. Don’t get us wrong, it still needs to look good, but you can settle for free WordPress themes. Remember to install it and away you go. IF you have done this before, then you will be familiar with how to build a free word press site, if you haven’t don’t worry. They’re pretty easy to find your way through, or you can watch a few short videos on how to do it.

Figuring Out The Niche Of Your Purchased Sites

This may sound a bit silly but trust us, it is worth it. You need to figure out the niche of your site and see if if it holds any similarity to your money site. If it does, amazing, you’ve saved yourself a small bit of work. If it isn’t don’t worry, we can easily work around it. There are many systems online that you can use that will show you what your site was before it was due to expire. This way, you can work out what backlinks the site already has. Don’t worry if it doesn’t match your money site. It is easier to change the content to match the site than it is to change the site to match the content. You can easily find workarounds for this, so don’t panic.

Creating Content

We know that setting up multiple websites as PBNs takes time, but the backlink capability makes it worth it. Don’t get lazy here, you need to pad out your PBNs to make them, look legitimate and one of the ways in which you do this is by creating content. Don’t think that you have to write 3000-word dossiers for each blog post, but you do need to be creating at least 3 blog posts per site that are a minimum of a thousand words. This way you are padding out the sites and making them look legitimate. You need to make sure that this content is linked to your money site, otherwise how are you going to feed into it? This way, you can promote what that site is doing and link to it, without tipping off google to your activities.

Wrap Up

A PBN sounds a lot more complicated than it is. All you are doing is building your own network of sites that feed into your money site. Just because it is easy to do, doesn’t mean that you can let your guard down though. Make sure that you are creating original content for each of the PBNS that all link to your money site. This way you can be sure that not only are you generating authoritative backlinks, you also won’t be tipping off google by replicating content across your network.

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