Is Modafinil Harmful to Consume in a Longer Period?

Is Modafinil Harmful to Consume in a Longer Period?

Sleep plays an essential role in physical health. Sleep is an escape from the real world for a while. As much as sleeping is vital for our health, overdoing it may result in various health risks like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and mental issues.

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The right amount of sleep differs from person to person, some find it enough in seven hours, and others prefer a little longer sleep. Experts say, nine hours of sleep is sufficient and quite long for an adult.


Several health conditions might cause you to oversleep, such as:

· Thyroid issues

· Heart disease

· Depression

· Sleep apnea

· Narcolepsy

· certain medications

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People often have night shifts at work, and for a morning person, it is tough to stay awake at midnight. Staying awake at crucial hours is also difficult for people suffering from narcolepsy and other sleep disorders.


These problems can be solved with Modafinil based medications such as Modvigil 100mg are readily available at

Modafinil reduces extreme sleepiness and promotes awakening. People having sleep disorders like narcolepsy or obstructive sleep apnea usually consume this drug. It is also used to help you stay awake at work hours if you have a night shift that keeps you from having a usual sleep routine.

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However, these drugs do not cure sleep disorders entirely or get rid of all your excess sleepiness. Modafinil does not disturb your regular sleep routine.

Modafinil based drugs should be orally administered and can be taken with or without food as you wish. Users should always stick to the dosage advised by their doctor. Commonly, doctors suggest two doses a day, which is morning and evening. Avoid overdosage as it may be harmful.

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The effect of Modafinil lasts up to 10 to 12 hours a day. Minimal common side effects of modafinil use are dizziness, headache, anxiety, nervousness, and nausea. These side effects subside on their own.


Can Modafinil be used for a long term?

Modafinil can be used as advised by your doctors. The dosage of Modafinil should not be stopped suddenly. It is recommended to lower your dosage gradually and eventually stop taking Modafinil.

Modafinil is a habit-forming drug, and it can also cause physiological dependence. According to several reports, many teens had turned Modafinil for academic performance enhancement. This drug is harmful to children to use and result in addiction.

The overusage of Modafinil resulted in the below cases:

· Insomnia

· Anxiety

· Dizziness

· Agitation

· Tachycardia

The long-term safety of Modafinil is unknown. It is best to consult your doctor before extending your dosage.

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