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5 reasons why you need to get your wedding invites online.

5 reasons why you need to get your wedding invites online.

Shivam Sharma1097 24-Mar-2020

E-invites are not a recent development in the wedding space. It started out as a trend and now has become an essential. But there are a lot of couples who still don't understand the importance of doing an E-invite. Couples think it's offensive to do just e-invites because guests would think they are not serious enough about their presence at their wedding. But what couples need to do is just push a little extra over a call and that should do. There's always a way to get things done your way. With that sorted, here are some reasons why a person should for online wedding invites.


Online wedding invites involve the cost of buying the design. Aside from this, there is no additional cost. But if you were to print your wedding invites the costs would involve, printing, distributing, proofreading and much more. With network packages being free, there is no need to spend a lot of money on calls too.  

Corona friendly 

Believe it or not. Corona is real. And it's coming to us. It's affecting businesses, meetings, startups, weddings, and even entertainment. So in these testing times, do you really want to be the bearer of the virus. It's always better to maintain social distance and make the most of your free time and send out online wedding invites.  

Saves time 

Imagine the amount of time you save by doing wedding invites online. When you are doing wedding invites online, all you have to do is pick a design you like, purchase it and send it digitally to your friends and family. When you are printing your invites you are choosing a design, finalizing the copy, proofreading the copy, seeing the sample design, proofreading that, printing and then distributing. With this fast-paced world, no one has the time to do all that. So online wedding invites do save a lot of time.  

Eco friendly 

Imagine the amount of paper one uses to print hundreds of wedding invites. Imagine the amount of fuel used and imagine the amount of CO2 generated in the earth to distribute these wedding invites. It's always better to think about a more sophisticated way to do this, so that the guests don't get hurt as well.  

More options

Printed invites have a standard wedding design. They all open the same way, have a similar format. The only thing different is probably the color and the design. But in wedding invites online you have so many varieties like the GIF card, the caricature, the video invite, the photocard, multi-page wedding invites and more. This way the couple can stand out in comparison to other couples.  

So here are the reasons why a couple should do a wedding invite. There are so many perks and the biggest perk is the fact that it is the easiest. For more such wedding-related content and wedding ideas, sign up on Wedding Wishlist. 

Updated 24-Mar-2020
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