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Why Companies Should Perform Background Checks

Why Companies Should Perform Background Checks

Sophie Zer 818 06-Jan-2020

Performing a background check as part of the business hiring process is extremely common. Not only does it provide a more in-depth look at the potential candidate, but it also allows the hiring manager to see if there are any causes of concern for hiring the screened person. In specific industries, such as medical and education, background checks are mandatory to hire someone. If mandated businesses fail to perform background checks, it could cause a nasty lawsuit and hefty fines.

This process has become even easier with access to background check software, companies can easily check on an applicant’s history with the law. However, not all companies are required to conduct background checks, but it is good practice. Here are some beneficial components of performing background checks if you are considering implementing this in your hiring process.

Ensures Safety

Safety should be one of the top reasons to use background checks in the hiring process. Management should take all necessary precautions to keep the current employees and workplace safe. The goal here is to reduce the risk of danger or disruptive behavior of any kind.

Background checks help with this because it highlights any criminal history, such as violent acts or any other pertinent information that may or may not be a safety concern. This process helps weed out any potentially problematic individuals so management can be confident they are letting the right people into the workforce. Besides, running background checks and putting workplace safety first can attract the kind of employees that a company is looking for in the first place.

Helps With Hiring the Right Person

The majority of the time, potential candidates are genuine and tell the truth during interviews. However, some people may lie or stretch the truth to make themselves more marketable. Just because specific qualifications are on a resume does not mean it is necessarily true. Background checks are a great way to find any missing links or gain additional information on the candidate before making an employment decision. Running this sanity check will provide information such as education and employer history, which should line up with what was on the resume. In addition to this, background checks can prove an applicant’s reliability and motives. Having a better sense of who the person is and verifying their credentials will help the hiring manager tremendously in making the right decision.

Complying with Laws

As mentioned before, certain areas of business require background check screenings. To comply with the law, these businesses must conduct a background check on candidates to make sure they are suitable for hire. For companies that are not required to implement this practice, it is a good idea to do so for protection from liability. If a hiring manager hires a person who says they are great at truck driving, but later finds out they had no previous experience as a truck driver, the hiring manager is accountable.

Also, it helps protect against lawsuits of negligent hiring for cases such as this. Whether it be complying with the law or for mere protection, running background checks is always a good idea to cover all basis in the hiring process. Even if you hire part-time employees, freelancers, or outsource, you should know who you are working with. Businesses that lease out office space and run coworking spaces need to consider the importance of knowing who you are leasing space too. This is a common courtesy for other members of the workspace, making sure they are protected as well as their property makes it better for everyone. 

Updated 10-Sep-2020
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