Matthew Davies Examines Why Negative Situations Make Us Better

Matthew Davies Examines Why Negative Situations Make Us Better

Human life is like a seesaw, full of ups and downs. We all cherish our good times but when negative situations occur, many of us become frustrated, confused, and hopeless. But did you know that negative situations are actually blessings in disguise? In this article, Matthew Davies examines why negative situations make us better for our life ahead.

The Reasons
Here are some reasons why negative situations make us better:

1. Bad times help you to know yourself better- Whenever you face an obstacle in your life, to overcome it, you have to think and act wisely. The more you spend time thinking about getting out of a bad time, the more you get to know about yourself. While confronting a negative situation, you grow up as a person.

2. Negative situations help you to know others better- Have you ever noticed that whenever something negative takes place, some people just turn their back to you? Yes, they are the opportunist who only show up in your good times. Once you are in a negative phase in your life and you see people reluctant to help you, you get to know people whom you need to get rid of immediately.

3. Negative situations make you more confident and wiser - Whenever you go through a negative situation or a series of negative events, you gather experience from them. As time continues to flow, you get wiser by learning from the past. After you go through a hard and problematic time, you learn from it and get confident.

4. Negative situations make you emotionally stronger - There are some situations that can be anticipated but cannot be confronted such as the death of a loved one. However, since such tragedies are common in human life, we have to cope with them and move on. When you go through an adverse event, it makes you emotionally stronger and prepares you for the next. Studies have demonstrated that the trauma in the human psyche after witnessing the death of someone from the family for the first time, lasts for a longer period than that of later deaths witnessed by the person. Thus, whenever someone gets used to facing negative circumstances, a little aggravation doesn’t affect them at all.

5. You don’t repeat the same mistake - The more problems you go through, the more you become aware of the adverse side of life. You do not repeat mistakes that you might have committed in the past when you have dealt with a similar negative situation earlier. Again, when you know what caused the problem earlier, you can try to confront future problems with your previous knowledge.

You must remember, negative situations are a part of our lives. Matthew Davies suggests you understand the importance of negative situations to determine your future. When you accept the fact that you have to stand face-to-face with negative situations and conquer them with your innate positivity, you end up being a stronger and better person.

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