A list of embarrassing pregnancy symptoms

A list of embarrassing pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy goes on to change your body and even your life. The belly is going to expand and you are going to become tired than the normal self. But chances are high that you might have not faced other pregnancy symptoms.

Even after getting stock of pregnancy shopping list is ready there are some embarrassing symptoms that can take place to a woman. These are things which a woman is never going to discuss and hence contributes to the embarrassment aspect. In spite of this, there is no need to be shy. Discuss with your doctor to ensure that the pregnancy is on track. Let us now observe the symptoms in details

Excess gas

Each and every woman become gassy. You can blame it to hormonal changes. The chances are high that you might not be able to keep things to yourself as you are not in control of your muscles when pregnant. You could reduce the occurrence of gases by following a proper diet and sticking to an exercise regime.

Via exercise your GI tract becomes mobile and the food is in a better position to pass through the system. There are some foods which go on to because gas and it is better to reduce them completely. Examples are cauliflower or carbonated drinks. For some woman, they start to drink milk during pregnancy and it would be really good for them.


Stories of a pregnant woman sneezing and emptying their bladder in front of their friends would be a heard story. Most women do face leakage of a few drops of urine which can be embarrassing. Doctors’ advice women to wear panty liners and this has to be part of your 1st-trimester shopping list. Frequent trips to the bathroom can also be of help. In every couple of hours make a concrete effort to empty your bladder as this will reduce the urge of not proceeding to the bathroom.

Facial hair

When you are pregnant facial hair can emerge at unwanted places. Women appreciate the growth of hair but when it emerges at less frequented places they go gaga. The best method for removal of hair is waxing or trimming of hair.

Being a cosmetic procedure in most cases doctors push it till the pregnancy ends. When you are pregnant laser treatments can have an impact on skin scarring


For some women, a strong sense of smell prevails during the course of pregnancy. Many women are known to develop an aversion to seafood. Some women do pick up aversion to their own scent that can be an embarrassing situation. They go on to smell themselves vaginally once they reach the ending stages of pregnancy. One of the reasons could be that you might be suffering from mucus. There are some people who are worried about their odor and carry wet wipes where they proceed. No one can tell as you are the best position to figure out whether your sense of smell has gone on to improve or not.

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