Best food blog for vegetarian pregnancy diet and nutrition

Best food blog for vegetarian pregnancy diet and nutrition

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Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

Would it Be Safe to Donate Blood When You Are Pregnant?

The moment you are pregnant, a lot of transfusions take place in your body and mind. You have to be really careful as not only you will be taking care of yourself but the developing baby. Most of us donate plasma while pregnant as an act of kindness

Belly Button Popping Out During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the belly button usually pops out due to certain reasons. Usually, the navels become larger during the second trimester of pregnancy. So, during this period, the belly button pops out during pregnancy. When the uterus is expanding,

En-caul Birth- Is it a Myth or a Reality

If you are a pregnant mom then you must have heard some weird birth tales from other people. Then again as a new mom-to-be, you have fewer ideas about the delivery and how it will go.

Glucose in Urine During Pregnancy

Mainly there is no sugar or very little sugar in urine during pregnancy. When the sugar is too much high in the body or in the blood then the excess sugar end up in the urine.

The Relaxin Hormone Plays an Important Role During Pregnancy in Following Ways

Relaxin has beneficial effects upon the endometrium which are responsible for establishment of pregnancy. Relaxin is known to mediate the hemodynamic changes that occur during pregnancy.

A list of embarrassing pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy goes on to change your body and even your life. The belly is going to expand and you are going to become tired than the normal self. But chances are high that you might have not faced other pregnancy symptoms.

Can cold sore affect a baby?

Cold sores are something which is also known as fever blisters and they mostly appear on the lip and around the mouth. When this happens the area becomes red, sore and swollen. In fact, the blisters may also break open and then leak the clear fluid.

How Can Cousins Be Siblings

Sometimes one may wonder, what if two identical twin brothers get married to two identical twin sisters? What will happen to their babies? Well, when these types of marriage occur then this marriage is termed as the quaternary marriage. According to