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How To Use Magento 2 Restrict Products By Customer Group To Desire

How To Use Magento 2 Restrict Products By Customer Group To Desire

MageAnts1274 15-Oct-2019

Many organizations operate either in the B2B or B2C framework. But there are some businesses who cover both of them B2C and B2B simultaneously and let me share with you that successful B2C and B2B sales require different skill sets and approaches. 

Store operations get complicated with such approaches as customer groups who purchase the products from your online store may vary. Each business must have segmented their customers into groups based on common characteristics. 

To serve them effectively, Magento 2 Restrict Products by Customer Groups by MageAnts help store owners to control the visibility of store content for various customer groups by restricting access to particular products, categories and some other pages to the selected customer groups.

 What Makes the Extension Different:

  • Restricting store content visibility only to particular customer groups
  • Restrict access to catalog, specific categories, products, or the complete store.
  • CMS pages and static blocks can also be hidden to specific groups 
  • Customized error message display to blocked users or offer URL redirection. 
  • Ability to create multiple restriction rules to optimize ideal product visibility for store view and each customer group.

How to make this extension useful:

  1. Restrict Product by Customer Group is simple to install and configure. Configure the visibility of any store element to a specific customer group. 
  2. Manage and set the rules from an admin panel to restrict the store content including

            Categories: Configure access for each category individually

            Products: Set permission for each product individually

            CMS Pages: Select the pages you want to restrict access

3. Display them a custom error message for better user experience. 

4. Redirect customers to another page of website if required.

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