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IP Addresses: The Basics Everyone Should Know

IP Addresses: The Basics Everyone Should Know

sandyn roscoe686 08-Oct-2019

We live in the IT era - the time, when people cannot imagine their lives without the global network. If you don't believe that, just recollect the things you did yesterday! How many of them were somehow connected with the Internet? Did you buy something online? Did you chat with your friends in the social networks? Or, maybe, you downloaded and watched your favorite movies? Having answered these questions, you will realize the role the Internet plays in our life today.

When browsing the web either for personal or business purposes, we don't even think about the importance of the IP address. And we don't have to, because this info is not generally needed every day. This, however, does not mean that you should not know anything about the term. And this is where the information provided below will come in handy to you.

The IP Address Basics

The "IP" is the abbreviation, which is deciphered as the "Internet Protocol". This term reflects the essence of the notion, because the IP address comes with each computer launched to the network to ensure high quality connection. If you have ever seen any IP address, you have, probably, noticed that it consists of a set of numbers. These numbers change from time to time, so the IP address of your computer is never the same. This depends upon the activity you demonstrate when surfing the web, the steps you undertake to find the information you need, the device you use for this purpose, the location you are in and other nuances. Regardless of these nuances, it is an IP address of your computer that is responsible for the data access and the availability of the Internet in general.

As you, probably, know, this address is assigned to any laptop or personal computer launched to the global network by the home Internet provider. This is true when it concerns the home-based online access, but what if you decide to travel somewhere or just need to have a coffee break and take your laptop along to use it in a café? Will the IP address remain the same or not? As mentioned above, Internet Protocol addresses occasionally change even if you use the web at home and don't go anywhere. As soon as you leave your house, the IP address is not assigned to your laptop or PC anymore. When you connect to another network, your computer will automatically get another Internet Protocol address. This will repeat over and over again unless you disconnect from the network.

Where to Look for Your IP Address

Do you have to find out your Internet Protocol address? Then you can use several options depending upon the amount of time you have and the objectives you pursue. Thus, you can get access to the settings of your router and check this info there. This is a nice option, if you browse the web at home, although, it may take some time for you to login and find the required info. A better and simpler choice is to go online and look for the info in the search engine. Just type in the search request and watch the results that will be provided in a few seconds.

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