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A Look into Top Web Development Frameworks in 2019 and 2020

Shalini Panchal 708 27-Aug-2019

A web framework mainly refers to a software framework that aims to build web applications. They provide a standard way to develop and deploy new kind of a web application with complex and innovative features. Choosing the best framework for your web development is not an easy task. There are several frameworks available in the market which have their own advantages and few drawbacks too. Hence, the right choice of the framework can boost your website performance and take your business to the next level of success, while a wrong decision can cost you more time with a higher budget.

A Look into Top Web Development Frameworks in 2019 and 2020Here Are The Best Web Development Framework in 2019-20.

1) Angular

Angular is an open-source framework which is mainly used for frontend development. All startups and Entrepreneurs are choosing this framework for SPA (Single Page Application) using an MVC architectural pattern. After Angular 2, it has gained immense popularity over the world. It is maintained by Google community and now it is also accepted as a future of web development framework.

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2) React

It is one of the leading frameworks which is developed and maintained by Facebook. It is very flexible because it supports small size files and simple updates. It can easily combine with other libraries if required. The learning curve of React is not that much easy for everyone, for that you require background technical knowledge. It is used by big companies like Airbnb, Twitter, and others.

3) Laravel

The demand for PHP and its frameworks is evolving the web development industry. Laravel is a back-end and MVC framework which is extensively used for enterprise web development. If you compare Laravel with other frameworks, then it is a relatively new one and has many powerful features which ensure a reliable web solution. With the help of any Laravel Development Company, you can build large scale and secure enterprise website for your business.

4) Symfony

Symfony is another type of PHP framework which is mainly used for large and complex functionality projects. It is the framework which provides stable, faster and flexible web application development. It allows the developer to reuse the existing code which also makes it popular among the community. It can help to make your project unique and add the specific functionalities to it.

5) Ember

It is a trusted JavaScript framework which is released in 2011. It is a rapidly growing framework in the web development industry. It has the ability to manage advanced version management system and also supports old as well as the latest technologies. It is an approved framework for developing complicated web apps and is used by companies like Google, Microsoft, and Netflix.

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