Globalization refers to the process in which an application or software will be designed and developed so as to make it run across all cultures and region. Suppose we want to make such type of application which needs to be accessed from India, US, China and Japan. Then to full fill this requirement we have two options

  1.       Either designed separate-2 application for all culture
  2.       Or Make application as a globalized application so that all these five culture access it without doing any modification.

Obviously second one is good approach. For making any application to be globalized we have to follow three steps.

  1.     Globalization
  2.     Localization
  3.     Localizability

Common problems which you might be face during development of globalization is

  1.       Language Issue
  2.       Formatting Issue
  3.       String Related Issue

In .NET for implementing globalization you need to use System. Globalization  namespace. All the necessary classes and interfaces related with globalization are resided in this namespace. Culture Info is one of the classes which is used to implement globalization.

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